Monday, 2 December 2013

Investigator news

11 Nov 2013

I'm playing catch up.  I can't believe how busy November was for me!!

So here's a few snippets of what Elder Robertson had to say when I asked him if there was anything he would specifically like in his Christmas package.

'I was thinking of about 10 chocolate oranges. I'll eat the most of them I guess... but there's also a few British missionaries that could do with a little bit of home so I was going to play "Santa" to a certain extent.'

Let's hope he shares more than he consumes!!  I had a talk to give in Stake Conference, I sent him a copy and here's my feedback!

'Your talk was pretty good, I don't see why you were worried, though I am a little disappointed that you didn't mention me, or the hopes of sending three other children on missions and admonished all young men, and women if they have the opportunity and desire, to prepare to go on a mission now. That's my only critique.'

I told him I had to cut the bit out where I mentioned him because I burst into tears every time I read it.  It was important to remain composed! haha

Still this week has been a good one. With Stake conference our time has been short to make out the desired appointments this weekend, though our investigator was also at the conference, with his girlfriend who recently moved within ward boundaries. Hopefully that may help. He is still making more progress and I found a section in the PMG manual about how the Book of Mormon can solve concerns. I may try that approach when the time is right. He has his answer somewhat, he needs to recognise it and not expect something dramatic. 

Otherwise, we have met this man who called up and asked the bishop to be a member. He's cool, an older gentleman, has already had missionary contact a few years back and has the desire to get back into joining in with meetings and says he wants to be baptised. On Tuesday I have an exchange with my "district brother" (we moved at the same time from Basel district to Aarau district) and have a meeting with this man. My only fear is not understanding his thick swiss accent. Its been a while since I haven't understood someone because of that, and neither I nor Elder Vitel (t proounced like a tz) are fluent in "Schwiizer Tütsch" - or Swiss German. (at least I think thats how they'd colloquialise it, but don't quote me on that).

We also met with our other investigator. He still has a long way to go, but he shows the desire to come to church. It will take a long time due to language (both normal and gospel) and also religion based understanding, just because he has never been too involved with learning too much religion, be it his own or others.

Still that's life; hopefully some more investigators will be found in the coming weeks, such as this Columbian guy who works here, very christian (and somewhat turned away from Catholicism :D) Due to the work he does, he has less, or no work in winter. Not a problem if it brings him to the gospel :D We are all prepared in many ways.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

4 NOV BYU Package

So looking back at the packages Elder Robertson has received so far from home, I can see that I like colour coordinated packages ....

To celebrate his acceptance into BYU, I sent him a ..... that's right!  .... a blue and white package!

Here's some of the bits for the BYU package!! 

This time he was surprised to receive an 'iron' through the post! haha I use any box I can find! He didn't come forward with lots of gratitude and thanks, so I wasn't sure if he had received it yet.  I asked "Has the 'package fairy' paid a visit?"  He answered ... 'might have, but who would send an iron?' =)

"Thanks mum, that was a pretty cool surprise actually. though I feel as though I'm collecting toothbrushes."

Should I take that as a hint he doesn't need toothbrushes sending in every package?  I think it was a nice surprise seeing as though he's only just had his orange package ... now what colour for Christmas?  ummm .....

Here's a few words from him.

This week has bee a good one. Not too productive on the immediate missionary work front but good all round. We have had three!!!! member appointments this week and the work is moving on. Interviews were good. Besides that, things have been happening. An investigator from another ward had moved into our area and was out of contact. We finally got back in contact with her after she sent us an SMS stating that she had been using the wrong number. We also had an investigator call the bishop (from years ago) and say that he wants to become a member and so we will meet with him on Wednesday!
My jumpers are not yet here. I have until Wednesday at the latest, and then customs may be meddling with time things due to the swiss/eu differences.
My stuff through church has been received by the warehouse: I've had contact from Mike De Molder who is sending it back my way and is sorting it out.
Pres Miles was over the moon (about my BYU acceptance) and so was Sister Miles when I showed them the email that you'd send to me.
I will have to use the time I have today to reply to letters from Katie and others. I got one from Carys too. I did get the primary package. It was very thoughtful of them.
Brother 'K' has not had his answer yet, but we did have a good class with him yesterday as we got some of the other convert members to come and bear their testimonies and just share their conversions. 
And there's no photos. I don't take photos much here.

But yeah, all fun and hard work going on here!! I get so tired because of all the travelling we have to do in this area.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Service 28 Oct 2013

Sorry, I have missed updating the blog the last couple of weeks.  It must be the starvation of photos that is to blame!! haha

Here's some of what he's shared with us.

Firstly I told him of Thomas' reaction to an artist who was selling artwork door to door.  This was his reaction to that! 

That story of Thomas made me and Elder Fahl laugh our heads off. He really is a character. My week has been a good one. We had a couple of instances of service, helping out various members, some throwing away furniture because of their move and others moving furniture that they had taken from the move.   I'm good and I have had a good week.

Unfortunately our baptismal dates have fallen through.  We have interviews this week with Pres. Miles.  'C'  is still making progress. He is still waiting for his answer.  

Enclosed is my sheer excitement at receiving an nintendo wii.  

I sent him his 'orange you glad you're a missionary' package in this box.  You can read about that here.   

Moral of the story is ... 'don't judge a package by the box it arrives in'!'


Inside ...

I think he enjoyed it!! 

As of yet I have not informed President Miles concerning BYU. I thought I'd leave that to Thursday.  

The sisters in our ward are SIster Wüst and Sister Le Feuvre. The former was actually a convert but was in my MTC group and also my EFY group from 2011. They get on well, they are always giggling amongst one another. They are doing well though, they've settled in well and hopefully we can begin to see an improvement soon enough. As always me and Elder Fahl are doing well. We had a good laugh this morning over this emergency plan that's provided for missionaries should natural distasters affect the area. I hadn't read it yet.

I believe that I am nice in the fact that I'm sending you very long emails every week now. I don't think you have too much to complain about :P I do need to take more photos. 

Still, I love you and the family and I miss you all loads (though thankfully I don't fell too homesick).

Friday, 25 October 2013

BYU news

Elder Robertson has been accepted into BYU for post mission.  I sent him his acceptance letter and then did the most wonderful congratulatory email.  Infact all of the family did emails with RISE AND SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT as the subject heading.  I received a lovely lengthy email and he gave not one mention or hint of any excitement for his news.  So I ask ... 'what about your BYU acceptance?'  He replies ... I am excited, but I have work to do first.  Well you can't argue with that.  He has spoken to his brothers about it, which is good.

The past week was a full and good one for him.  He's enjoying teaching the gospel to the wonderful people he is privileged to meet.  Here's a few things out of his email home this week.  It's great to hear how he is serving and thinking of others over his own needs.

Thanks again for the package, though I'd given an assignment a week or two before upon that very talk by Elder David A. Bednar on becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary. I have re-read it several times before I even recieved the copy from you :D Shows that you are on the right wavelength though!! My favourite part could have been the Nesquik, only because a few days ago, I had mentioned it to Elder Fahl about having had nesquik in Reinach to have hot chocolates and chocolate milk. I hadn't had any since, and then the package came. The toiletries were a laugh as I'd also just bought some new ones the previous day.

The appointment with C  was a good one; he's making good progress. He just has a lot to do with his work and he was in England this weekend due to business so he couldn't meet us then or attend church. We shall see what he has on this weekend and try to get back on track.

We seem to be meeting way too many people that are not Swiss, and its funny you mentioned this Iranian man, because we too "will find" an Iranian man through an Afghanistan boy who we met and both are seemingly religious. The boy converted to Christianity about 3 monhs ago, but his German is basic. The man speaks English, and he also translated for the boy when we last met.  

Otherwise, this week we had a killer service project helping an elderly couple move house. The man is Swiss and his wife is actually English. They have three adopted children who are cool; two at home and one in the US. They'd lived in the UK for a while and so listening to her accent and the accent of their daughter and son that live with them was funny, though the husband still has his Swiss twinge. Their daughter was there in the afternoon to help though their less active son had work to do, and you could see the disappointment in his face, knowing that he couldn't help. We go back on Wednesday to help throw away some old stuff :D

Still, its been a busy one, and we hope to make this week anoher busy one though we don't seem to have too much on the cards yet.

I love you and miss you

Saturday, 19 October 2013

6 Month Mark

Today is Elder Robertson's 6 month mark.  I can't believe it's been that long since he gave me that last hug.

He's pulling a face for the camera!  I'm sobbing ... haha

I can't show the reverse of this picture, the ugly, crying face I have is not for public viewing!!

In the last six months he has grown so much both spiritually and temporally. The experiences he is having not only serve him well now, but will prepare him for work, service, choices and commitments in his family life, uni & employment and church life ... for the rest of his life and eternity too!  How grateful I am that he has chosen to serve his Heavenly Father and represent his Saviour and work for Their purpose.  He's a great example to me and the rest of our family. 

So proud of him!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Jumper problems and no leder hosen!

Elder Robertson is feeling the cold.  The jumpers I've sent from M&S are really going via snail mail.  I thought having them sent directly would have meant him getting them quicker than me sending them to the mission office in München .. how wrong I was.  I hope they've arrived already!  He's not got a lot of fat on his bones to keep him warm ... where's the wool?

This week I had a lovely long email and lots of detail.  But alas no pics ...

He's had a really busy week and this week was already full of appointments.  He said he loves it busy.

His 'Orange you glad you're a missionary?!' package had arrived, you can read about that here.

Here's some of what he's had to say ...

My package got to me safe and sound, thank you for everything! However, my jumpers still haven't. For all I know I'll get back to a note saying i missed the delivery and have to organise a new one... but I am resilient at not ever having a pair of lederhosen; they're too expensive.  I see many people attending beer festivals in the traditional dresses and lederhosen. I also ordered some stuff from church, and I'm still waiting on that too.  

We don't have many activities here, or even any, at all. The members here are starting to warm up though and so maybe I can suggest that. But I hope they'll be somehing heading off for Christmas. We're getting sisters in our ward this Thursday. One of them was in the MTC with me and also in my EFY from 2011, and she is training a completely new sister. That's a small world. Funny thing is that me and Elder Fahl guessed as to who would come, and we both assumed it would be her.    Elder Fhal will "die" (as we say in the mission) at the end of the transfer as he goes home.  

This week I saw a couple of pretty cool miracles. The first happened on Tuesday; we had an appointment with 'J', but we also had an exchange so I was there with another Elder. I decided to simply take him to the church so he knew where it was an so that he could feel the spirit a lot stronger. We had an amazing lesson, he definitely felt the spirit, and I think his eyes got teary in the last prayer we said together. 
Even better, was that, although he didn't turn up when supposed to to meet us, we called him and he knew where to go so that he was able to actually be in church that Sunday. It was funny to see our row on that Sunday: there was 'C' (our other investigator, who loved conference and we have an appointment with him tonight), myself, 'J', Elder Fahl and then 'S' a new convert that was baptised in the lake whilst Elder Fahl's younger brother was serving here about 3 monhs ago.

Another miracle was that as this exchange happened, this Elder brought us the name of a less active who had gone less active in his youth, still believes its true but doesn't think that he can come back. His sister had referred the name to this Elder a couple of days ago who passed it on as he had moved into our area in June. Believing there was a reason for this, I wanted to visit him ASAP, but plans during Wednesday weren't going as planned so we visited him on the Thursday. We walked in the freezing rain for 25 minutes to get from the train station to this guys house as there was no bus on the route we had to take. Cold, wet and somewhat apprehensive we follow this terrible train service map that I had printed out to where we are supposed to be going, except we got a little lost and took an alternate route and followed some promptings of the spirit to get there ( I guess it just seemed like a good idea or a hunch at the time as it always does) but then we find ourselves magically on the right street, which we found out only from discerning a few details, and we we're practically by his house. His name is on one of the many doorbells of the apartment block and so we ring. 
I still smile at his first reaction as he comes out of his apartment on the same floor of the main door, opens the main door, greets us, and asks, honestly and completely surprised "Was macht ihr hier denn?", basically, "what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting a visit from you guys all too soon." He went on to explain that his sister has only referred his name two days ago, of which we were unaware of at the time. The best bit was, that on this day he was off work because he was "coincidentally ill". We got his number and need to make an appointment to visit him this week. He also lives with his girlfriend, so we may have another person contact, and a less active to reactivate :D

All in all, we have had a very good week, and a somewhat busy one. This week is also a busy one full of appointments, so hoping that we can get all things done and all goes to plan, it will be another good one!! We still have a few appointments we need to make and follow up on, so we're going to be very short of time in the coming days, which I'm glad about. It seems as though everything is starting to head in the right direction, and we just need to get the members involved, but the sisters will help with that as they seem to be especially good with members.

Letter from 7/10

Sorry I haven't updated the blog over the last couple of weeks.

Here's the catch up from the 7 Oct 13

"Firstly, we had a good lesson with [C] this week in preparation for conference. We haven't seen [J] yet, but we made an appointment for Tuesday.   We will just invite him to church and pray that he comes.  I enjoy the busier days the most.

In other news this week: I cut my own hair myself this weekend in the evening time to get it done before Sunday, I felt like I had left it a little too long so decided to cut it. Somehow the clippers in the apartment weren't too functionally perfect so I had an awkward cut until the next morning when I was able to repair the damage :D  (Maybe this is the reason I haven't seen any photos! haha) 

I'm glad to hear how you are getting motivated in the missionary work movement. I honestly believe that we cannot have complete success until we all move forward together. There was so much stress on unity in conference. As active members we mostly have it down to a T, except for small details and the things we don't always do. That's why I love the fact that the Prophet himself spoke of Home teaching. Its basically a part of missionary work, retaining those we know! As we all move forward together the work will expand rapidly!! We all have work to do. The Lord really needs each and every one of us to play our parts!!!"

Of course it is our responsibility to share the gospel with our friends and family.  Because we love them we want them to be able to have the happiness and blessings that the gospel itself brings.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

'Orange' you glad you're a missionary

This week I finally posted my orange package to Elder Robertson.  I've been collecting orange things as I've been out and about.  It doesn't help that the post office will allow me to post 10kg within Germany for 5.99€.  Great price, but it means I keep shopping so I can get my weights worth! haha  I post to the mission office and Elder Robertson gets it within a couple of weeks, delivered by the district or zone leaders.

I decorated the inside of the box in orange and Thomas loves googley eyes, so we stuck some of those on the lid.

Do you ever get the feeling someone is looking at you?

Here's some of the stuff in the box before I did my final shop to make sure it was full! oOOppps

Er is sehr wunderbar!! 
I also included a letter from me and a talk from Elder Bednar with a family photo.  

I'm hoping he gets it soon! =)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Family & Friends ...

Elder Robertson's email was full of interest in the family and friends this week.  On Sunday it was his youngest brother's 7th birthday and he had sent home a box of gifts for him.  It really touched me that he took the time to send that home. Thomas loved it!! Amongst the gifts were a smart tie for Sunday and a big rubber snake ... (I know! ... but we have had some laughs with it since, so his intention paid off).  Thomas carried it around for days. haha

He is also mindful of his two friends that both enter the MTC this week.  Both really lovely, valiant young men that will be a great addition to magnificent missionary force the Lord has.

He is really enjoying serving in Luzern and is teaching some wonderful people in the area.

He asked about the delivery time on the jumpers that he's requested, as the weather has really dipped.  Hopefully he'll get them this week.  =)

Maybe photos next week! We can but hope!


Monday, 23 September 2013

Rainy Luzern

Yesterday after Church, Heber checked the post box and there was a letter from Elder Robertson!! I almost jumped for joy! =)  I must have checked the post too early on Saturday. So as I open it, I realise he's included his SD card ... SD = photos!! = even more JOY!

The original is a painting by Del Parson

He sketched this on a rainy P-day. What do you think?  I think it's great!! =)
I hope you're not getting too excited waiting for photos of him.  Here's the closest I could get ...

A drink unique to Switzerland, I believe ...

Can you see his reflection?  This is my lot!! haha  Elder Robertson says 'the drink is something unique to Switzerland, its fizzy but has a base of "milchserum" or milk-water stuff. It tastes quite nice, although the first time you try it its always a little interesting.'

The members in his ward are feeding them well, which is so good to hear! =)

Here's a little from today's email: 'I should explain that is has rained on every P-day we've had since I have been here in Luzern. Even though yesterday was spectacular, it was really fogy and damp this morning. I take it as though we are staying home once more.  

I ended up translating for the Americans yesterday. It went well; it was a seemingly simple meeting to translate, but I can appreciate how talented those people are to do such a thing. I stumbled a little but it showed me how much my German has improved!!

That's cool that Tommy will have a little party. I'm going to send a little package for him. I have a few bits and bobs that I have collected that I do not need and would be fun little toys for him. So I hope to get that off to him today. Maybe you could wrap it up for him let him know its from me. He is a funny one our little Tom. I miss his antics sometimes. The most surprising thing about being on a mission is the amount of details you end up missing, but the incredible amount of blessings that you recieve. There is sometimes too many to recognise. A simple one happened last night when we were planning; I stepped out onto the little balcony of our tiny apartment only to hear some classic duet of the native instrument called the "Alphorn" and to see the sun set and a red sky silhouette the mountains in the distance. That was pretty cool to experience, and stirred something inside me for some reason.

We have remade a baptismal date with one investigator who is really accepting of everything but isn't sure if he has an answer yet.. he is a cool guy!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Lunch with the McKees in Luzern.

Our friends, the McKees have been touring the Alpine German-Speaking Mission with their son Elder McKee on him completing his mission.  They visited Luzern, the area in which Elder Robertson is serving.  They met him and his companion for lunch and took some great pictures and shared them with me! How grateful I am to lovely people who bless the life of my missionary.

Elder Robertson

Pizza lunch

Companions at lunch

Elders McKee, Robertson and Fahl

Elder Robertson with Hugh and Katalin McKee

In his email home today he tells me how much he loves reading Jesus the Christ and how it has helped him to grow and respect his Saviour all the more.  He says 'It really strengthens my testimony of Him, His gospel and the Church in general.  I'm only about 150 pages short of finishing it.'  He loves to read.

He had a good lesson with a new convert of a couple of months from Nigeria. He says 'He is a very good man and understands the importance of the gospel and being a brother's keeper through sharing it.'

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bern Zone Meeting photos - pre transfer!

Some photos from Bern Zone Meeting before transferring.


Switzerland, Bern Temple

I think this was their district.

Elder Robertson and Elder Sievers.  They lived in the same apartment when Elder R was being trained.
They got on really well!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Last P-day in Reinach - Photos

Elder Robertson and Elder McColgan visited a castle and lakes in their area of Reinach.  The last P-Day in the area.
Ein Schloss ...

Love the colour of that sky!

A man's home is his castle ....


Come out of the shadows!

They visited some lakes and a castle in Reinach ... no more information 

... more water

Jacob loves architecture so ....

Here's another ...

Inspired by garlic perhaps?

I would like to know what these buildings are used for ...

And finally birthday cake .... about 6 weeks late!! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Email ... I have his new address! =)

Yay! Monday finally arrived!!

I've asked Elder Robertson a bucket loads of questions this week and even got some answers!! He said he doesn't know the answer to some of them himself yet! haha

Well now I know he's at least arrived safely in his new area. He's hit the ground running and hasn't had too much time to take everything in!

Here's a photo of him on the train on transfer day! =)

Transferring from Reinach to Luzern 5 Sept 13

A little about his new ward in Luzern ....

"I haven't met my new bishop yet; he was on holiday, but I've met some cool members already. We have a good Ward Mission Leader. He was called about a month ago and is giving it all to fulfil his calling ..."  The Elder's Quorum President is also a good man and we had a good priesthood lesson yesterday. Once again, there is an ENGLISH Sunday School. There's also a lot of American members here.

He had a great P-day last week, his last P-day in the area of Reinach.  Seemingly I'm going to get pictures today, I'm still waiting patiently, actually who am I trying to kid?  I am almost banging on the monitor for him to upload them! =)

*Sadly no pics as the computer was too slow to upload them.  I'm promised some in the post ...

Friday, 6 September 2013

Message from Mum

This week I haven't been able to put pen to paper and write to Elder Robertson as he'd forgotten his address on Monday, email day.  The days following, I have found myself really missing writing and although I could just write a letter to him and post when I have the address, I don't want to ... There's no pleasing some people! haha  I've actually been stalking his blog, you know, this blog, the one I write ... Is it Monday yet? Monday really can't come quick enough!! It seems really strange to be wishing the weekend away ... surely that's only felt by missionary mums, moms and mammas!

Yesterday Elder Robertson transferred to his new area, Luzern. He'll be serving with Elder Fahl who's German.

I love being a missionary mum.  Sometimes though, I wish I could be a fly on the wall somewhere and just watch the events of just one of his days.  Last Sunday we had our local missionaries over for dinner.  They are the bees knees.  It was one of their birthdays and it was such a blessing to make sure they had dinner, birthday cake and someone being kind to them.  We were talking about how I miss not seeing any part of Elder Robertson's days.  Elder E came back with a great response saying 'you see our day and his is just like that!' Of course, he hit the nail right on the head!  I've been thinking about that a lot since.

These wonderful missionaries, well sadly Elder L left us yesterday for pastures new and was replaced by Elder S, anyway ... these missionaries have become really good friends with my friends and are doing an amazing job in teaching them the gospel.  My friends have been so kind to them and I am not surprised because they are just really lovely people.  Of course the missionaries are really kind to them too.  The following scripture comes to mind:

22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are aedified and brejoice together. D&C 50:22

And I can see it.  I see the truth in this scripture, I can actually see it in action.  I have witnessed it in my own experience of being taught the gospel and I see it in with my friends and the missionaries serving now.  They do understand one another, they are both edified and I see the rejoicing time after time.  It is so wonderful to see both my friends so happy and also the missionaries feeling this great joy of bringing souls unto Christ.  

I know as Elder Robertson shares the gospel with those prepared to hear the message, he will be having these exact same experiences and this exact JOY.  I am convinced that nothing compares to these feelings.

Bis Montag!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

First transfer, new comp Elder Fahl

So Elder Robertson will have his first transfer this week.  On Thursday, he will head to Luzern, Switzerland.  Moving is always the bittersweet, despite being sad to leave the people, he sounds really happy and ready for a new challenge.

Here are his thoughts on the matter ...

Reinach has been great and seeing the push in the right direction it's been given, has been quite cool. Just to see what part you've played in the effect of motivating the members and getting them involved has been enough for me. I would have liked to establish more of a basis before leaving, but I guess I've done my part and its time to move on. It was quite touching to hear some of the members personally mention how I'd helped them personally, and that they'd been strengthened through my testimony.

Doing good health wise, always good to hear!

Healthwise i'm doing fine, I'm just trying to get packed now which will be a little tough as I seem to have colected a fair few items whilst being here. I haven't actually finished my cake off yet, it's baked but not frosted, so I'll do that today and enjoy it. I'll send you some pics of it next week.

New comp ...

I haven't visited my new area of Luzern yet, and apparently I've heard that It's one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. My new companion is Elder Fahl, a German, who actually served in Reinach sometime in the history of his mission. I'm looking forward to being able to improve my German, and it seems like work there is a little better than it is here; apparently there's a few individuals being taught at the minute that need to be baptised. 

Last few days in Reinach ...

I've got a few member appointments before I leave and as for my favourite highlight this week, it must have been finally meeting with this Canadian guy we contacted through a note in the mailbox. I was a bit down on having to leave after finally meeting with him, but he lives between three places in a year: Reinach, Grindelwald, and believe it or not, Luzern. Hopefully we can meet him soon enough there and I can baptise him in the lake there!!!

I'm promised lots of pics next week as he's off to visit some castles and lakes today.  Here's hoping ....

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Spectacular week!

Hurray for eMail Monday!! I received my expected email from Elder Robertson and I loved it!!

I'll share with you some of what he's shared with us. On a side note, it always makes me smile that he calls me 'mom' despite the fact I am a 'mum'. :-)
Hi Mom,

The week has been spectacular as every week on a mission is. The members are great. We have had so many member appointments of late and I can really feel the unity and the joy amongst the saints in this region. Missionary work has never been such a great topic here before and I'm hoping the potential names that we are given soon turn into referrals and that we can see some success. We're taking the counsel of "be creative" to heart, and we are really searching for new ways to share the gospel here in Reinach. 
Its amazing to see the blessings you recieve from being on a mission personally, just how it strengthens your own testimony, how you learn so much, but how blessed the family is at home. It's always good to hear about how the gospel blesses your life either directly or indirectly.

Something short of a miracle that I saw this week was that I had been rather troubled by some pains in my chest as I swallowed and eating had become especially troublesome. Dilligent prayer helped to remove my ailment so that I was ready and prepared to work as usual.    It had got especially worrying in a certain dinner appointment that evening with a part less active family. I somehow got through it despite the increasing pains. Then as we left we realised we had half an hour until the bus arrived; it was late evening and we were right south of our area in a little village called Grindel. So we stopped off to see some members for whom we had done service for the previous day. Speaking to the wife mostly as the husband was working on the house, we received two more potential names that evening, which just ended it nicely.

Here's the sad part ....

                   I haven't really got photos, I never seem to take them as my camera is packed
                   away during the week and I need to focus on the work. I know how they mean
                   a lot to you, but I only ever take them on P-day when something interesting is

He doesn't understand that everything is interesting to me ..... =)

                    I love you loads,
Elder Jacob Robertson

So apologies over not having any photos this week.  Hopefully someone somewhere will post something for me! haha

The main thing is, he is loving being a missionary and sharing the gospel.  The gospel brings so much happiness to peoples lives. The plan of salvation as taught by the missionaries all over the world, just like Jacob is, is also known as 'The Plan of Happiness'  Here's a short clip to watch that gives a great illustration and explanation of this divine plan and how it can changes our lives and helps us to be eternally happy!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Photos from Bern Zone Conference

I've said it before and I will say it many times again, Sister Miles is absolutely wonderful.  Despite the fact she is so busy in her calling taking care of her/our missionaries, she takes time to keep us at home updated with a little glimpse into their everyday lives.

It is so exciting logging onto and actually spotting your missionary.  Mostly with Jacob it's like playing 'Where's Wally?'  He likes to blend in at the back!! haha

Bern Zone, Bern Temple ... can you spot him?

I'm not sure why this group of Elders, maybe a district, but Elder R's comp is missing ....

Where's Elder R?  ... left side, 2nd in from the stage.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Best week yet!

On Monday,  I was in France with my hubby.  He had some business meetings to attend and I wandered around a shopping mall whilst he was busy taking care of work.  I was hoping I would still be able to access my email, but something wasn't working.  I felt like I was twitching the whole time, desperate to read how Elder Robertson's week had gone!! It was hard having to wait until the evening to read about how his week had been and how he was doing.

Elder Robertson has had another great week.  'Best one yet' he tells us.  He's been able to share the Book of Mormon with a couple of people and hoping to go and visit others.  He is currently working with some less active families and hoping to help them return so they can reap the rewards of living the gospel more fully.

He related a story about how he and his previous companion, Elder Nakken had been given free drinks after talking with the owner of a shop about their beliefs.  The man said he couldn't charge them because they were talking about God.  There are some really kind people out there.  These simple, small acts of kindness are appreciated by the missionaries and their parents at home.  I also know that any act of kindness is noted by our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Email full of detail and testimony

I've been asking for more detail in Elder Robertson's letters.  He's such a good creative writer, so I have pleaded, begged, requested to have that as he writes to me each week about the work.

This week I have had lots of information about the people he's met recently and those he has grown to love and serve.  He's really enjoying being a missionary and serving.

One of my good friends has recently visited Malaysia and sent him a postcard from there.  He told me how this was so unexpected and how it made his day! He was so touched that someone would think of him whilst so many miles away.

He loved his birthday package and was having to buy a cake tin to bake his birthday cake from the Betty Crocker box we'd included. =)

He attended a baptism this weekend of a lady who they had 'bumped' into, who needed somewhere to stay and work.  They worked with a neigbouring ward who would be able to help her with the language barrier as she is unable to speak the local lingo ... yet. She was baptised in her native tongue.  How fantastic?!! =)

He also 'bumped' into someone from school, who is from Holland but visiting family in Switzerland.  He is hoping to meet up again today and share the Book of Mormon with him.   The world can be a small place at times.

So all is well with Elder 'R'.  He's happy and healthy and that makes me happy! =)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Miracles happen and no effort is wasted!

The title of this blog post was the theme of Elder Robertson's email this week. It's wonderful to see how his letters and emails are maturing as his testimony and faith in the Saviour, gospel and missionary work grows.  Firstly he shares how he was able to reflect upon on his own baptism on his birthday.  He says: 'I remembered that my baptism was 11 years prior to the Saturday following my birthday this year.  The day sequence was the same: Friday - birthday, Saturday - baptism.  It was really interesting to reflect how I'd taken the same steps 11 years ago that I'm now teaching.'

P-day at the ruins

He's had some wonderful experiences this week. He shares an experience of travelling some distance to work on one particular day.  This is how he tells it ...

"We ended up going to a far out place this week. We did however find someone on the very last door we knocked.  He is roman catholic, skeptical and pulled a rather puzzled face through the window at us.  He opened up saying: 'yeah, I'm not interested ....' I responded "You don't know what we are about to say yet!" In a mixed conversation of German and English, we succeeded.  This man, a great guy by the way, accepted a Book of Mormon and we made an appointment with him for Tuesday evening, so tomorrow! (6th Aug) I have high hopes.  The spirit was there, whatever it was that I had said.  I barely recognised what had happened, it was amazing.  My companion and the investigator felt the spirit too.  Bearing your testimony of the truth cannot be argued with.  I look forward to this coming week.  Great wonders are in store for us!"

I shared some stories I had heard with him and encouraged him to be obedient with exactness.  He responded: "Don't worry, I'm always on my best behaviour! It's such a shame to hear such stories about young men who are lead away from the joys of serving a mission because of the enticing possessions of the world."

and ... it's almost Monday again! My favourite day of the week! =)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A surprise visit from his friend Wes ...

Elder Robertson had a surprise visit at church from one of his great friends Wes, today.  Here's what Wes had to say about the visit ...

"I went into the chapel, sat behind him without him noticing me until someone came up to me and told me that was their spot. He turned around and stared at me for about 15 seconds, seemed very confused! I sat next to him and tried my very best not to bombard him with questions!  The children there adore him, always coming up to him trying to steal his badges! His German is really good, much better than the last time I heard it! I asked him how his Swiss German is getting along and he really likes it and I'm sure he'll get a hang of it very soon! I'm so happy I was able to see him, really made my week  I'm sure there were another million things I wanted to say but I can't remember it all now but I'm very happy!

He seemed like he was having the time of his life, it made me so happy and motivated to finish my papers as soon as possible I gave him a reference to someone I know in his area, so maybe he can work with that. But he just seemed so organised and so prepared to go out and spread the gospel! Hard to believe that he's not even been there 6 months!"

Here's a pic of them together with Elder Little.

Elder Robertson, Wes and Elder Little

What a blessing friends are.  I am very grateful to Wes for sharing this with me.  It's made my day too!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Swiss National Day

Location: Reinach
Comapnion: Elder McColgan

Yesterday, 1st August was Swiss National Day.  You can read more about that here.

I am certain that Elder Robertson's ward mission leader is the best out there.  At around 8pm last night I received these wonderful pictures of Elder Robertson celebrating this national holiday with his companion, the other two Elders who he shares an apartment with and some locals.

Companions: Elder McColgan and Elder Robertson

So good to see smiling faces.

Celebrations under way ...

Happy Elders.

Oh this might be the reason for the smiles!

Tucking in ...

Always pulling faces ...

Looks like they enjoyed their day! Elder Robertson and the other missionaries are very blessed to have such a wonderful ward mission leader who really works with and takes care of the missionaries he is serving with. Thank you so much Jan.  

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Birthday dinner with a Catholic Priest

Serving in: Reinach Branch
Companion: Elder McColgan

Hello family and friends,

Elder Robertson has said goodbye to Elder Nakken his trainer.  His new companion is Elder McColgan. He's English and left for his mission from Wales.  They have been together for just less than a week now.

On the 26 July, Elder Robertson had his 19th birthday. In my email I asked Elder Robertson how his first birthday as a missionary went.  This is his reply: 'Nothing special happened on my birthday really. I did get taken to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet by this Catholic Priest investigator in Basel. He gave me a crystal cube with Bountiful Temple etched inside.'

Gift of an etched Bountiful Temple 

Bountiful Temple gift

Well in my eyes, that IS something special.  Firstly to have a Catholic Priest as an investigator and secondly to have him take you out for dinner.  I can't help but wonder who gave this to the priest in the first place! =)

This reminded me of a wonderful Mormon Message on Why Mormons Build Temples.  Krister Stendahl takes part, he's a Church of Sweden bishop and shares his feelings towards the work in the temple.  He obviously feels the importance of such a sacred work.

It's a great message! Take a look.

Monday, 29 July 2013

A few pics by email ...

Serving in: Reinach Branch
Companion: Elder McColgan

Elder Robertson in Interlaken

Breath taking Interlaken

Dorneck Ruine