Monday, 2 December 2013

Investigator news

11 Nov 2013

I'm playing catch up.  I can't believe how busy November was for me!!

So here's a few snippets of what Elder Robertson had to say when I asked him if there was anything he would specifically like in his Christmas package.

'I was thinking of about 10 chocolate oranges. I'll eat the most of them I guess... but there's also a few British missionaries that could do with a little bit of home so I was going to play "Santa" to a certain extent.'

Let's hope he shares more than he consumes!!  I had a talk to give in Stake Conference, I sent him a copy and here's my feedback!

'Your talk was pretty good, I don't see why you were worried, though I am a little disappointed that you didn't mention me, or the hopes of sending three other children on missions and admonished all young men, and women if they have the opportunity and desire, to prepare to go on a mission now. That's my only critique.'

I told him I had to cut the bit out where I mentioned him because I burst into tears every time I read it.  It was important to remain composed! haha

Still this week has been a good one. With Stake conference our time has been short to make out the desired appointments this weekend, though our investigator was also at the conference, with his girlfriend who recently moved within ward boundaries. Hopefully that may help. He is still making more progress and I found a section in the PMG manual about how the Book of Mormon can solve concerns. I may try that approach when the time is right. He has his answer somewhat, he needs to recognise it and not expect something dramatic. 

Otherwise, we have met this man who called up and asked the bishop to be a member. He's cool, an older gentleman, has already had missionary contact a few years back and has the desire to get back into joining in with meetings and says he wants to be baptised. On Tuesday I have an exchange with my "district brother" (we moved at the same time from Basel district to Aarau district) and have a meeting with this man. My only fear is not understanding his thick swiss accent. Its been a while since I haven't understood someone because of that, and neither I nor Elder Vitel (t proounced like a tz) are fluent in "Schwiizer Tütsch" - or Swiss German. (at least I think thats how they'd colloquialise it, but don't quote me on that).

We also met with our other investigator. He still has a long way to go, but he shows the desire to come to church. It will take a long time due to language (both normal and gospel) and also religion based understanding, just because he has never been too involved with learning too much religion, be it his own or others.

Still that's life; hopefully some more investigators will be found in the coming weeks, such as this Columbian guy who works here, very christian (and somewhat turned away from Catholicism :D) Due to the work he does, he has less, or no work in winter. Not a problem if it brings him to the gospel :D We are all prepared in many ways.