Friday, 18 October 2013

Letter from 7/10

Sorry I haven't updated the blog over the last couple of weeks.

Here's the catch up from the 7 Oct 13

"Firstly, we had a good lesson with [C] this week in preparation for conference. We haven't seen [J] yet, but we made an appointment for Tuesday.   We will just invite him to church and pray that he comes.  I enjoy the busier days the most.

In other news this week: I cut my own hair myself this weekend in the evening time to get it done before Sunday, I felt like I had left it a little too long so decided to cut it. Somehow the clippers in the apartment weren't too functionally perfect so I had an awkward cut until the next morning when I was able to repair the damage :D  (Maybe this is the reason I haven't seen any photos! haha) 

I'm glad to hear how you are getting motivated in the missionary work movement. I honestly believe that we cannot have complete success until we all move forward together. There was so much stress on unity in conference. As active members we mostly have it down to a T, except for small details and the things we don't always do. That's why I love the fact that the Prophet himself spoke of Home teaching. Its basically a part of missionary work, retaining those we know! As we all move forward together the work will expand rapidly!! We all have work to do. The Lord really needs each and every one of us to play our parts!!!"

Of course it is our responsibility to share the gospel with our friends and family.  Because we love them we want them to be able to have the happiness and blessings that the gospel itself brings.