Monday, 23 September 2013

Rainy Luzern

Yesterday after Church, Heber checked the post box and there was a letter from Elder Robertson!! I almost jumped for joy! =)  I must have checked the post too early on Saturday. So as I open it, I realise he's included his SD card ... SD = photos!! = even more JOY!

The original is a painting by Del Parson

He sketched this on a rainy P-day. What do you think?  I think it's great!! =)
I hope you're not getting too excited waiting for photos of him.  Here's the closest I could get ...

A drink unique to Switzerland, I believe ...

Can you see his reflection?  This is my lot!! haha  Elder Robertson says 'the drink is something unique to Switzerland, its fizzy but has a base of "milchserum" or milk-water stuff. It tastes quite nice, although the first time you try it its always a little interesting.'

The members in his ward are feeding them well, which is so good to hear! =)

Here's a little from today's email: 'I should explain that is has rained on every P-day we've had since I have been here in Luzern. Even though yesterday was spectacular, it was really fogy and damp this morning. I take it as though we are staying home once more.  

I ended up translating for the Americans yesterday. It went well; it was a seemingly simple meeting to translate, but I can appreciate how talented those people are to do such a thing. I stumbled a little but it showed me how much my German has improved!!

That's cool that Tommy will have a little party. I'm going to send a little package for him. I have a few bits and bobs that I have collected that I do not need and would be fun little toys for him. So I hope to get that off to him today. Maybe you could wrap it up for him let him know its from me. He is a funny one our little Tom. I miss his antics sometimes. The most surprising thing about being on a mission is the amount of details you end up missing, but the incredible amount of blessings that you recieve. There is sometimes too many to recognise. A simple one happened last night when we were planning; I stepped out onto the little balcony of our tiny apartment only to hear some classic duet of the native instrument called the "Alphorn" and to see the sun set and a red sky silhouette the mountains in the distance. That was pretty cool to experience, and stirred something inside me for some reason.

We have remade a baptismal date with one investigator who is really accepting of everything but isn't sure if he has an answer yet.. he is a cool guy!