Friday, 18 October 2013

Jumper problems and no leder hosen!

Elder Robertson is feeling the cold.  The jumpers I've sent from M&S are really going via snail mail.  I thought having them sent directly would have meant him getting them quicker than me sending them to the mission office in München .. how wrong I was.  I hope they've arrived already!  He's not got a lot of fat on his bones to keep him warm ... where's the wool?

This week I had a lovely long email and lots of detail.  But alas no pics ...

He's had a really busy week and this week was already full of appointments.  He said he loves it busy.

His 'Orange you glad you're a missionary?!' package had arrived, you can read about that here.

Here's some of what he's had to say ...

My package got to me safe and sound, thank you for everything! However, my jumpers still haven't. For all I know I'll get back to a note saying i missed the delivery and have to organise a new one... but I am resilient at not ever having a pair of lederhosen; they're too expensive.  I see many people attending beer festivals in the traditional dresses and lederhosen. I also ordered some stuff from church, and I'm still waiting on that too.  

We don't have many activities here, or even any, at all. The members here are starting to warm up though and so maybe I can suggest that. But I hope they'll be somehing heading off for Christmas. We're getting sisters in our ward this Thursday. One of them was in the MTC with me and also in my EFY from 2011, and she is training a completely new sister. That's a small world. Funny thing is that me and Elder Fahl guessed as to who would come, and we both assumed it would be her.    Elder Fhal will "die" (as we say in the mission) at the end of the transfer as he goes home.  

This week I saw a couple of pretty cool miracles. The first happened on Tuesday; we had an appointment with 'J', but we also had an exchange so I was there with another Elder. I decided to simply take him to the church so he knew where it was an so that he could feel the spirit a lot stronger. We had an amazing lesson, he definitely felt the spirit, and I think his eyes got teary in the last prayer we said together. 
Even better, was that, although he didn't turn up when supposed to to meet us, we called him and he knew where to go so that he was able to actually be in church that Sunday. It was funny to see our row on that Sunday: there was 'C' (our other investigator, who loved conference and we have an appointment with him tonight), myself, 'J', Elder Fahl and then 'S' a new convert that was baptised in the lake whilst Elder Fahl's younger brother was serving here about 3 monhs ago.

Another miracle was that as this exchange happened, this Elder brought us the name of a less active who had gone less active in his youth, still believes its true but doesn't think that he can come back. His sister had referred the name to this Elder a couple of days ago who passed it on as he had moved into our area in June. Believing there was a reason for this, I wanted to visit him ASAP, but plans during Wednesday weren't going as planned so we visited him on the Thursday. We walked in the freezing rain for 25 minutes to get from the train station to this guys house as there was no bus on the route we had to take. Cold, wet and somewhat apprehensive we follow this terrible train service map that I had printed out to where we are supposed to be going, except we got a little lost and took an alternate route and followed some promptings of the spirit to get there ( I guess it just seemed like a good idea or a hunch at the time as it always does) but then we find ourselves magically on the right street, which we found out only from discerning a few details, and we we're practically by his house. His name is on one of the many doorbells of the apartment block and so we ring. 
I still smile at his first reaction as he comes out of his apartment on the same floor of the main door, opens the main door, greets us, and asks, honestly and completely surprised "Was macht ihr hier denn?", basically, "what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting a visit from you guys all too soon." He went on to explain that his sister has only referred his name two days ago, of which we were unaware of at the time. The best bit was, that on this day he was off work because he was "coincidentally ill". We got his number and need to make an appointment to visit him this week. He also lives with his girlfriend, so we may have another person contact, and a less active to reactivate :D

All in all, we have had a very good week, and a somewhat busy one. This week is also a busy one full of appointments, so hoping that we can get all things done and all goes to plan, it will be another good one!! We still have a few appointments we need to make and follow up on, so we're going to be very short of time in the coming days, which I'm glad about. It seems as though everything is starting to head in the right direction, and we just need to get the members involved, but the sisters will help with that as they seem to be especially good with members.