Friday, 28 June 2013

Hand written letter

I love receiving emails from Elder Robertson, but yesterday we received a letter through the post.  It was great!! Our first one. There's something different about reading a letter and absorbing the words on the page.

First hand written letter ... that he'd posted himself! =)

We did receive a letter after a few days of him entering the mission field.  That was sent along with a letter from the mission president, President Miles.  This however, he chose to write and post himself! =)

He shares missionary experiences, busy P-Days and how he loves getting back to the 'work'.  It was so nice to hear how much he thinks of Elder Nakken, describing him as a "fantastic companion" and hopes to be with him all the way through to September when Elder Nakken will return home after serving for two years.

Now to just wait for Monday's email .... =)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Attended a temple sealing ...

Mondays are when you find 'missionary mums'  glued to their computers anticipating receiving their email from their missionary son or daughter.  I find myself constantly checking and when it finally shows .... a huge grin fills my face and I read through as fast as I can to get all of the information.  I then find myself re-reading and re-reading through the rest of the day for my own benefit and of course to share the news with the rest of the family.

Elder Robertson is still doing great.  His best days last week were Thursday and Saturday.  Here's a snippet of what he had to say ...

'My highlight of the week was Thursday/Saturday: both fantastic days. Thursday was just awsome, as we found 7 potential investigators in a day and had the opportunity to share the Book of Mormon with two of them. The Lord definitley blessed Elder Nakken and myself that day. I've really been able to see how the Lord goes before us to prepare the people this week.  Thursday it rained heavily and Elder Nakken and I got soaked.   Nevertheless I was loving it and we got another contact there.  We were sad to go home that night.  

Saturday was also very spiritual as I had the opportunity to go to the temple and see a former investigator of Elder Nakken be sealed to his now eternal companion. He was so ready to make the steps he needed to return to his Heavenly Father.'

First sealing that Jacob has attended.

'I'm doing really well and I am thouroughly enjoying this experience. We press forward.'

Here's the photo he shared today.  He's promised more next week!! =)  

Galaxy is his favourite chocolate ...
I thought someone had sent it ... put a kiss on the wrapper and wrote 'enjoy!' Then realised what he's done. 'More to share' is the logo and he's crossed out the word share and wrote enjoy, so it reads 'more to enjoy'! I hope he has shared with Elder Nakken.  I've told him to ... haha

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Companionship ties

Hello family and friends, thankfully I received some photos from Elder Robertson yesterday.

Companionship ties

This photo put the BIGGEST smile on my face.  That was even before I realised that they had 'companionship ties' on.  haha  It's a tradition in his mission to purchase 'companionship ties' on transfer days.  I'm still laughing!! 

It's just a shame that they can't come over for a dinner appointment. =) Saying that, the members in the Reinach Branch have been very good in filling up their dinner appointments.  How grateful I am to them for taking such good care of both Elder Robertson and Nakken this past week. Hopefully they will also be eagerly engaged in the work and work along side these two fine Elders in bringing souls unto Christ.  It will be wonderful to go and visit them after Jacob's mission to thank them.  That's one of the blessings of living close enough to the mission!

Here is a photo of the four missionaries currently living in their apartment.  Not in companionship ties, I might add!!

.... We are as the Army of Helaman ....

This looks like some official building ... no information unfortunately.

Beautiful Switzerland!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No flooding in his area - REINACH!!

Good Morning family and friends, I'll get the news out of the way first today ...
  • Thankfully the area of Switzerland where Elder Robertson is currently serving hasn't been affected by the flooding that has occurred in some parts of Europe this past week! 

  • It's transfer week in the Alpine GS Mission this week and Elder Robertson and Nakken continue to be companions serving in the Reinach Branch.

Yesterday's email was full of treasures and maturity.  I am watching Elder Robertson's growth through the emails he sends home to myself, his dad and his brothers.  I love how when he writes to Heber and Matty how he praises them and encourages them to be unified with each other.  I know he will be missing them and Thomas.  Whilst Heber and I were out driving last night, we discussed the emails we'd received.  It reduced me to tears .... I LOVE my missionary son and our boys!!

Thomas tells me everyday how much he misses Jacob and I love how he prays for him and his companion, as well as his cousin Elder Caleb Robertson and his companion at EVERY opportunity. 

Here's a line from his email to his dad .."Elder Nakken & myself are well.  The work is going well and we are definitely making progress."  

I love how in his emails to both myself and his dad that he praises us and gives us counsel in our new callings we received on Sunday. He also encourages me to read 'Preach My Gospel', chapter 4 on Prayer! I've been wondering what book I should read next and I guess this is it! =)  I'm looking forward to sharing spiritual treasures with him as we both study this book.

Jacob forgot to bring his SD card to send photos yesterday ... so SORRY!! I am hoping for a harvest crop next week!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dinner at the Schär's

Jan and Elder Robertson

This finished the day off nicely.  Elder Robertson was just leaving the Schär's home after a dinner appointment.  I know I'm biased but doesn't he looks great!!!

'I'm loving it here ...'

Yesterday's email from Elder Robertson was really upbeat and positive.

'I'm really enjoying it out here, definitely getting into the swing of things now.'

After asking about his language study he told me it's going really well.  He's been involved in  teaching classes at church and helped out with a YSA Mission Day too.  I'm amazed at how the missionaries are blessed to learn the language so quickly and thus teach people in their own mother tongue.  What a huge blessing for both the missionary and those they serve amongst.

He recognises a 'spiritual growth' in himself over the past 6 weeks.  He says 7 weeks, but he's jumping the gun by a few days! haha He loves being immersed in the scriptures and learning!  It is so wonderful to hear of his deepened love of the scriptures.

I sent him this below in his 'message in a bottle' which you can read about here.

If you would like your own free copy please click here or on the link on the right hand side.
Unfortunately no photos to post this week.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Parcel time ... Ask the missionaries!

I can't believe it's been just over six weeks since Jacob left for the MTC.  A friend of ours is just benchmarking the nine month mark and another friend will be going to collect their son next week. Where does the time go?  Jacob said in his last email that they are so busy and working hard that time is flying by.

A friend of ours, Brad, is travelling to the mission office in Munich tomorrow and is kindly taking a couple of packages for us for Jacob.

I thought I'd take some pics and share them with you.

He wanted his smaller camera sending .... and photos of the family!

I was really touched that he wanted photos of the family to show people in his mission. I put together a little photo album of family memories.

Medical stuff ...

He had taken a few basic things with him but I wanted to get him some stuff sent to tie in with his medical card arriving! =)  Matt stocked up on a recent visit to the UK.   Nothing like getting the things that you know work and can read!!

Messages in a bottle ....

One from each of us ....
He asked for a sport's bottle so he can carry water with him as he goes about fulfilling his missionary duties and service.  My sister-in-law, Lou had shared an idea with me a week or so ago about sending a 'message in a bottle' through the post.  I loved the idea, however I am unsure as to how the German post would like that.  The Germans do like their rules! haha  Sending this inside a parcel gave me the opportunity to use the idea but without causing the German postal system undue stress! =)  Thanks for sharing the idea Lou! xx

We added some of his favourite sweets and treats ...
I really should stop sending so much junk food but seeing as though I don't know how long the parcel is going to sit in the mission office - I daren't send fresh fruit and veg!! 

Happy Thomas!
Thomas couldn't resist pinching a few chocs from the box!! haha

He needed different trainers ...
To build up friendships, Jacob and his companion will be playing football on Saturdays with the youth and investigators so he wanted sports trainers.  I had managed to get everything snug into this shoe box but there was no way the trainers were going in too!  Heber suggested just wrapping them up on top of the box - which got me thinking of the saying I could tie in ... I love having it themed! 

Saying tied to the shoe lace ...
Do you get it?  Trainers won't 'fit' in the box ... I know it's good!! But often our missionaries STAND OUT too.  They are so clean cut and smart, wearing their famous missionary badges and ready to serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are willing to hear!  They choose to leave their family and their own pursuits behind for a while such as dating, education and employment as they selflessly labour and serve their Heavenly Father to bring eternal joy to others. 

Ask the missionaries ....
Thomas decorated the wrapped parcel with a matchstick Robertson Family portrait.  This quote 'Families can be together forever ... ask the missionaries how this is possible for your family' is from a conference talk Elder Nelson gave last year, letting us know we can ask the missionaries for help in lots of different ways.  You can watch the full conference talk from Elder Nelson here.  If you do need help or have any questions you can ask the missionaries.  They will love to help you!!