Monday, 23 September 2013

Rainy Luzern

Yesterday after Church, Heber checked the post box and there was a letter from Elder Robertson!! I almost jumped for joy! =)  I must have checked the post too early on Saturday. So as I open it, I realise he's included his SD card ... SD = photos!! = even more JOY!

The original is a painting by Del Parson

He sketched this on a rainy P-day. What do you think?  I think it's great!! =)
I hope you're not getting too excited waiting for photos of him.  Here's the closest I could get ...

A drink unique to Switzerland, I believe ...

Can you see his reflection?  This is my lot!! haha  Elder Robertson says 'the drink is something unique to Switzerland, its fizzy but has a base of "milchserum" or milk-water stuff. It tastes quite nice, although the first time you try it its always a little interesting.'

The members in his ward are feeding them well, which is so good to hear! =)

Here's a little from today's email: 'I should explain that is has rained on every P-day we've had since I have been here in Luzern. Even though yesterday was spectacular, it was really fogy and damp this morning. I take it as though we are staying home once more.  

I ended up translating for the Americans yesterday. It went well; it was a seemingly simple meeting to translate, but I can appreciate how talented those people are to do such a thing. I stumbled a little but it showed me how much my German has improved!!

That's cool that Tommy will have a little party. I'm going to send a little package for him. I have a few bits and bobs that I have collected that I do not need and would be fun little toys for him. So I hope to get that off to him today. Maybe you could wrap it up for him let him know its from me. He is a funny one our little Tom. I miss his antics sometimes. The most surprising thing about being on a mission is the amount of details you end up missing, but the incredible amount of blessings that you recieve. There is sometimes too many to recognise. A simple one happened last night when we were planning; I stepped out onto the little balcony of our tiny apartment only to hear some classic duet of the native instrument called the "Alphorn" and to see the sun set and a red sky silhouette the mountains in the distance. That was pretty cool to experience, and stirred something inside me for some reason.

We have remade a baptismal date with one investigator who is really accepting of everything but isn't sure if he has an answer yet.. he is a cool guy!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Lunch with the McKees in Luzern.

Our friends, the McKees have been touring the Alpine German-Speaking Mission with their son Elder McKee on him completing his mission.  They visited Luzern, the area in which Elder Robertson is serving.  They met him and his companion for lunch and took some great pictures and shared them with me! How grateful I am to lovely people who bless the life of my missionary.

Elder Robertson

Pizza lunch

Companions at lunch

Elders McKee, Robertson and Fahl

Elder Robertson with Hugh and Katalin McKee

In his email home today he tells me how much he loves reading Jesus the Christ and how it has helped him to grow and respect his Saviour all the more.  He says 'It really strengthens my testimony of Him, His gospel and the Church in general.  I'm only about 150 pages short of finishing it.'  He loves to read.

He had a good lesson with a new convert of a couple of months from Nigeria. He says 'He is a very good man and understands the importance of the gospel and being a brother's keeper through sharing it.'

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bern Zone Meeting photos - pre transfer!

Some photos from Bern Zone Meeting before transferring.


Switzerland, Bern Temple

I think this was their district.

Elder Robertson and Elder Sievers.  They lived in the same apartment when Elder R was being trained.
They got on really well!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Last P-day in Reinach - Photos

Elder Robertson and Elder McColgan visited a castle and lakes in their area of Reinach.  The last P-Day in the area.
Ein Schloss ...

Love the colour of that sky!

A man's home is his castle ....


Come out of the shadows!

They visited some lakes and a castle in Reinach ... no more information 

... more water

Jacob loves architecture so ....

Here's another ...

Inspired by garlic perhaps?

I would like to know what these buildings are used for ...

And finally birthday cake .... about 6 weeks late!! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Email ... I have his new address! =)

Yay! Monday finally arrived!!

I've asked Elder Robertson a bucket loads of questions this week and even got some answers!! He said he doesn't know the answer to some of them himself yet! haha

Well now I know he's at least arrived safely in his new area. He's hit the ground running and hasn't had too much time to take everything in!

Here's a photo of him on the train on transfer day! =)

Transferring from Reinach to Luzern 5 Sept 13

A little about his new ward in Luzern ....

"I haven't met my new bishop yet; he was on holiday, but I've met some cool members already. We have a good Ward Mission Leader. He was called about a month ago and is giving it all to fulfil his calling ..."  The Elder's Quorum President is also a good man and we had a good priesthood lesson yesterday. Once again, there is an ENGLISH Sunday School. There's also a lot of American members here.

He had a great P-day last week, his last P-day in the area of Reinach.  Seemingly I'm going to get pictures today, I'm still waiting patiently, actually who am I trying to kid?  I am almost banging on the monitor for him to upload them! =)

*Sadly no pics as the computer was too slow to upload them.  I'm promised some in the post ...

Friday, 6 September 2013

Message from Mum

This week I haven't been able to put pen to paper and write to Elder Robertson as he'd forgotten his address on Monday, email day.  The days following, I have found myself really missing writing and although I could just write a letter to him and post when I have the address, I don't want to ... There's no pleasing some people! haha  I've actually been stalking his blog, you know, this blog, the one I write ... Is it Monday yet? Monday really can't come quick enough!! It seems really strange to be wishing the weekend away ... surely that's only felt by missionary mums, moms and mammas!

Yesterday Elder Robertson transferred to his new area, Luzern. He'll be serving with Elder Fahl who's German.

I love being a missionary mum.  Sometimes though, I wish I could be a fly on the wall somewhere and just watch the events of just one of his days.  Last Sunday we had our local missionaries over for dinner.  They are the bees knees.  It was one of their birthdays and it was such a blessing to make sure they had dinner, birthday cake and someone being kind to them.  We were talking about how I miss not seeing any part of Elder Robertson's days.  Elder E came back with a great response saying 'you see our day and his is just like that!' Of course, he hit the nail right on the head!  I've been thinking about that a lot since.

These wonderful missionaries, well sadly Elder L left us yesterday for pastures new and was replaced by Elder S, anyway ... these missionaries have become really good friends with my friends and are doing an amazing job in teaching them the gospel.  My friends have been so kind to them and I am not surprised because they are just really lovely people.  Of course the missionaries are really kind to them too.  The following scripture comes to mind:

22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are aedified and brejoice together. D&C 50:22

And I can see it.  I see the truth in this scripture, I can actually see it in action.  I have witnessed it in my own experience of being taught the gospel and I see it in with my friends and the missionaries serving now.  They do understand one another, they are both edified and I see the rejoicing time after time.  It is so wonderful to see both my friends so happy and also the missionaries feeling this great joy of bringing souls unto Christ.  

I know as Elder Robertson shares the gospel with those prepared to hear the message, he will be having these exact same experiences and this exact JOY.  I am convinced that nothing compares to these feelings.

Bis Montag!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

First transfer, new comp Elder Fahl

So Elder Robertson will have his first transfer this week.  On Thursday, he will head to Luzern, Switzerland.  Moving is always the bittersweet, despite being sad to leave the people, he sounds really happy and ready for a new challenge.

Here are his thoughts on the matter ...

Reinach has been great and seeing the push in the right direction it's been given, has been quite cool. Just to see what part you've played in the effect of motivating the members and getting them involved has been enough for me. I would have liked to establish more of a basis before leaving, but I guess I've done my part and its time to move on. It was quite touching to hear some of the members personally mention how I'd helped them personally, and that they'd been strengthened through my testimony.

Doing good health wise, always good to hear!

Healthwise i'm doing fine, I'm just trying to get packed now which will be a little tough as I seem to have colected a fair few items whilst being here. I haven't actually finished my cake off yet, it's baked but not frosted, so I'll do that today and enjoy it. I'll send you some pics of it next week.

New comp ...

I haven't visited my new area of Luzern yet, and apparently I've heard that It's one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. My new companion is Elder Fahl, a German, who actually served in Reinach sometime in the history of his mission. I'm looking forward to being able to improve my German, and it seems like work there is a little better than it is here; apparently there's a few individuals being taught at the minute that need to be baptised. 

Last few days in Reinach ...

I've got a few member appointments before I leave and as for my favourite highlight this week, it must have been finally meeting with this Canadian guy we contacted through a note in the mailbox. I was a bit down on having to leave after finally meeting with him, but he lives between three places in a year: Reinach, Grindelwald, and believe it or not, Luzern. Hopefully we can meet him soon enough there and I can baptise him in the lake there!!!

I'm promised lots of pics next week as he's off to visit some castles and lakes today.  Here's hoping ....