Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Family & Friends ...

Elder Robertson's email was full of interest in the family and friends this week.  On Sunday it was his youngest brother's 7th birthday and he had sent home a box of gifts for him.  It really touched me that he took the time to send that home. Thomas loved it!! Amongst the gifts were a smart tie for Sunday and a big rubber snake ... (I know! ... but we have had some laughs with it since, so his intention paid off).  Thomas carried it around for days. haha

He is also mindful of his two friends that both enter the MTC this week.  Both really lovely, valiant young men that will be a great addition to magnificent missionary force the Lord has.

He is really enjoying serving in Luzern and is teaching some wonderful people in the area.

He asked about the delivery time on the jumpers that he's requested, as the weather has really dipped.  Hopefully he'll get them this week.  =)

Maybe photos next week! We can but hope!