Monday, 9 September 2013

Email ... I have his new address! =)

Yay! Monday finally arrived!!

I've asked Elder Robertson a bucket loads of questions this week and even got some answers!! He said he doesn't know the answer to some of them himself yet! haha

Well now I know he's at least arrived safely in his new area. He's hit the ground running and hasn't had too much time to take everything in!

Here's a photo of him on the train on transfer day! =)

Transferring from Reinach to Luzern 5 Sept 13

A little about his new ward in Luzern ....

"I haven't met my new bishop yet; he was on holiday, but I've met some cool members already. We have a good Ward Mission Leader. He was called about a month ago and is giving it all to fulfil his calling ..."  The Elder's Quorum President is also a good man and we had a good priesthood lesson yesterday. Once again, there is an ENGLISH Sunday School. There's also a lot of American members here.

He had a great P-day last week, his last P-day in the area of Reinach.  Seemingly I'm going to get pictures today, I'm still waiting patiently, actually who am I trying to kid?  I am almost banging on the monitor for him to upload them! =)

*Sadly no pics as the computer was too slow to upload them.  I'm promised some in the post ...