Tuesday, 12 November 2013

4 NOV BYU Package

So looking back at the packages Elder Robertson has received so far from home, I can see that I like colour coordinated packages ....

To celebrate his acceptance into BYU, I sent him a ..... that's right!  .... a blue and white package!

Here's some of the bits for the BYU package!! 

This time he was surprised to receive an 'iron' through the post! haha I use any box I can find! He didn't come forward with lots of gratitude and thanks, so I wasn't sure if he had received it yet.  I asked "Has the 'package fairy' paid a visit?"  He answered ... 'might have, but who would send an iron?' =)

"Thanks mum, that was a pretty cool surprise actually. though I feel as though I'm collecting toothbrushes."

Should I take that as a hint he doesn't need toothbrushes sending in every package?  I think it was a nice surprise seeing as though he's only just had his orange package ... now what colour for Christmas?  ummm .....

Here's a few words from him.

This week has bee a good one. Not too productive on the immediate missionary work front but good all round. We have had three!!!! member appointments this week and the work is moving on. Interviews were good. Besides that, things have been happening. An investigator from another ward had moved into our area and was out of contact. We finally got back in contact with her after she sent us an SMS stating that she had been using the wrong number. We also had an investigator call the bishop (from years ago) and say that he wants to become a member and so we will meet with him on Wednesday!
My jumpers are not yet here. I have until Wednesday at the latest, and then customs may be meddling with time things due to the swiss/eu differences.
My stuff through church has been received by the warehouse: I've had contact from Mike De Molder who is sending it back my way and is sorting it out.
Pres Miles was over the moon (about my BYU acceptance) and so was Sister Miles when I showed them the email that you'd send to me.
I will have to use the time I have today to reply to letters from Katie and others. I got one from Carys too. I did get the primary package. It was very thoughtful of them.
Brother 'K' has not had his answer yet, but we did have a good class with him yesterday as we got some of the other convert members to come and bear their testimonies and just share their conversions. 
And there's no photos. I don't take photos much here.

But yeah, all fun and hard work going on here!! I get so tired because of all the travelling we have to do in this area.