Thursday, 8 August 2013

Miracles happen and no effort is wasted!

The title of this blog post was the theme of Elder Robertson's email this week. It's wonderful to see how his letters and emails are maturing as his testimony and faith in the Saviour, gospel and missionary work grows.  Firstly he shares how he was able to reflect upon on his own baptism on his birthday.  He says: 'I remembered that my baptism was 11 years prior to the Saturday following my birthday this year.  The day sequence was the same: Friday - birthday, Saturday - baptism.  It was really interesting to reflect how I'd taken the same steps 11 years ago that I'm now teaching.'

P-day at the ruins

He's had some wonderful experiences this week. He shares an experience of travelling some distance to work on one particular day.  This is how he tells it ...

"We ended up going to a far out place this week. We did however find someone on the very last door we knocked.  He is roman catholic, skeptical and pulled a rather puzzled face through the window at us.  He opened up saying: 'yeah, I'm not interested ....' I responded "You don't know what we are about to say yet!" In a mixed conversation of German and English, we succeeded.  This man, a great guy by the way, accepted a Book of Mormon and we made an appointment with him for Tuesday evening, so tomorrow! (6th Aug) I have high hopes.  The spirit was there, whatever it was that I had said.  I barely recognised what had happened, it was amazing.  My companion and the investigator felt the spirit too.  Bearing your testimony of the truth cannot be argued with.  I look forward to this coming week.  Great wonders are in store for us!"

I shared some stories I had heard with him and encouraged him to be obedient with exactness.  He responded: "Don't worry, I'm always on my best behaviour! It's such a shame to hear such stories about young men who are lead away from the joys of serving a mission because of the enticing possessions of the world."

and ... it's almost Monday again! My favourite day of the week! =)