March 2014
Area: Luzern
Comp: Elder Meyer
Elder Robertson, Meyer and Sister Miles & train snap shots! 

February 2014
Area: Luzern
Companion: Elder Meyer
P-Day exploring

January 2014
Area: Luzern
Training Elder Meyer, Wes visits and BOM's in lots of different languages
Companion: Elder Meyer

December 2013
Area: Luzern & Aarau
First Baptism, Christmas Skype, British Missionaries
Switzerland Conference and reunion with MTC companions
Companion:Elders Becker and Paulson "dritt"

November 2013
Area: Luzern
Luzern, Switzerland & Zone Conference
Companions: Elder Becker and Paulsen 'Dritt"

October  2013
Area: Luzern
:Comp Elder Fahl
Dry month for photos, but great month for packages.  BYU acceptance and Halloween!

September 2013
First transfer from Reinach - Luzern
Companion: Elder Fahl

August 2013
Area: Reinach
Companion: Elder McColgan

July 2013
Area: Reinach Branch
Companions: Elder Nakken & Elder McColgan

 June 2013
Area: Reinach
Companion: Elder Nakken

May 2013
Area: Reinach
Companion: Elder Nakken

First day in the mission field!
München, Germany

April 18th - 1st May 2013
MTC Preston ... 

Frankfurt Airport ... embarking on his 'best 2 years' ... that hug has to last me a long time!! 

Farewell ... see you in 2!