Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Spectacular week!

Hurray for eMail Monday!! I received my expected email from Elder Robertson and I loved it!!

I'll share with you some of what he's shared with us. On a side note, it always makes me smile that he calls me 'mom' despite the fact I am a 'mum'. :-)
Hi Mom,

The week has been spectacular as every week on a mission is. The members are great. We have had so many member appointments of late and I can really feel the unity and the joy amongst the saints in this region. Missionary work has never been such a great topic here before and I'm hoping the potential names that we are given soon turn into referrals and that we can see some success. We're taking the counsel of "be creative" to heart, and we are really searching for new ways to share the gospel here in Reinach. 
Its amazing to see the blessings you recieve from being on a mission personally, just how it strengthens your own testimony, how you learn so much, but how blessed the family is at home. It's always good to hear about how the gospel blesses your life either directly or indirectly.

Something short of a miracle that I saw this week was that I had been rather troubled by some pains in my chest as I swallowed and eating had become especially troublesome. Dilligent prayer helped to remove my ailment so that I was ready and prepared to work as usual.    It had got especially worrying in a certain dinner appointment that evening with a part less active family. I somehow got through it despite the increasing pains. Then as we left we realised we had half an hour until the bus arrived; it was late evening and we were right south of our area in a little village called Grindel. So we stopped off to see some members for whom we had done service for the previous day. Speaking to the wife mostly as the husband was working on the house, we received two more potential names that evening, which just ended it nicely.

Here's the sad part ....

                   I haven't really got photos, I never seem to take them as my camera is packed
                   away during the week and I need to focus on the work. I know how they mean
                   a lot to you, but I only ever take them on P-day when something interesting is

He doesn't understand that everything is interesting to me ..... =)

                    I love you loads,
Elder Jacob Robertson

So apologies over not having any photos this week.  Hopefully someone somewhere will post something for me! haha

The main thing is, he is loving being a missionary and sharing the gospel.  The gospel brings so much happiness to peoples lives. The plan of salvation as taught by the missionaries all over the world, just like Jacob is, is also known as 'The Plan of Happiness'  Here's a short clip to watch that gives a great illustration and explanation of this divine plan and how it can changes our lives and helps us to be eternally happy!!