Friday, 25 October 2013

BYU news

Elder Robertson has been accepted into BYU for post mission.  I sent him his acceptance letter and then did the most wonderful congratulatory email.  Infact all of the family did emails with RISE AND SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT as the subject heading.  I received a lovely lengthy email and he gave not one mention or hint of any excitement for his news.  So I ask ... 'what about your BYU acceptance?'  He replies ... I am excited, but I have work to do first.  Well you can't argue with that.  He has spoken to his brothers about it, which is good.

The past week was a full and good one for him.  He's enjoying teaching the gospel to the wonderful people he is privileged to meet.  Here's a few things out of his email home this week.  It's great to hear how he is serving and thinking of others over his own needs.

Thanks again for the package, though I'd given an assignment a week or two before upon that very talk by Elder David A. Bednar on becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary. I have re-read it several times before I even recieved the copy from you :D Shows that you are on the right wavelength though!! My favourite part could have been the Nesquik, only because a few days ago, I had mentioned it to Elder Fahl about having had nesquik in Reinach to have hot chocolates and chocolate milk. I hadn't had any since, and then the package came. The toiletries were a laugh as I'd also just bought some new ones the previous day.

The appointment with C  was a good one; he's making good progress. He just has a lot to do with his work and he was in England this weekend due to business so he couldn't meet us then or attend church. We shall see what he has on this weekend and try to get back on track.

We seem to be meeting way too many people that are not Swiss, and its funny you mentioned this Iranian man, because we too "will find" an Iranian man through an Afghanistan boy who we met and both are seemingly religious. The boy converted to Christianity about 3 monhs ago, but his German is basic. The man speaks English, and he also translated for the boy when we last met.  

Otherwise, this week we had a killer service project helping an elderly couple move house. The man is Swiss and his wife is actually English. They have three adopted children who are cool; two at home and one in the US. They'd lived in the UK for a while and so listening to her accent and the accent of their daughter and son that live with them was funny, though the husband still has his Swiss twinge. Their daughter was there in the afternoon to help though their less active son had work to do, and you could see the disappointment in his face, knowing that he couldn't help. We go back on Wednesday to help throw away some old stuff :D

Still, its been a busy one, and we hope to make this week anoher busy one though we don't seem to have too much on the cards yet.

I love you and miss you