Thursday, 3 October 2013

'Orange' you glad you're a missionary

This week I finally posted my orange package to Elder Robertson.  I've been collecting orange things as I've been out and about.  It doesn't help that the post office will allow me to post 10kg within Germany for 5.99€.  Great price, but it means I keep shopping so I can get my weights worth! haha  I post to the mission office and Elder Robertson gets it within a couple of weeks, delivered by the district or zone leaders.

I decorated the inside of the box in orange and Thomas loves googley eyes, so we stuck some of those on the lid.

Do you ever get the feeling someone is looking at you?

Here's some of the stuff in the box before I did my final shop to make sure it was full! oOOppps

Er is sehr wunderbar!! 
I also included a letter from me and a talk from Elder Bednar with a family photo.  

I'm hoping he gets it soon! =)