Sunday, 4 August 2013

A surprise visit from his friend Wes ...

Elder Robertson had a surprise visit at church from one of his great friends Wes, today.  Here's what Wes had to say about the visit ...

"I went into the chapel, sat behind him without him noticing me until someone came up to me and told me that was their spot. He turned around and stared at me for about 15 seconds, seemed very confused! I sat next to him and tried my very best not to bombard him with questions!  The children there adore him, always coming up to him trying to steal his badges! His German is really good, much better than the last time I heard it! I asked him how his Swiss German is getting along and he really likes it and I'm sure he'll get a hang of it very soon! I'm so happy I was able to see him, really made my week  I'm sure there were another million things I wanted to say but I can't remember it all now but I'm very happy!

He seemed like he was having the time of his life, it made me so happy and motivated to finish my papers as soon as possible I gave him a reference to someone I know in his area, so maybe he can work with that. But he just seemed so organised and so prepared to go out and spread the gospel! Hard to believe that he's not even been there 6 months!"

Here's a pic of them together with Elder Little.

Elder Robertson, Wes and Elder Little

What a blessing friends are.  I am very grateful to Wes for sharing this with me.  It's made my day too!