Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Email full of detail and testimony

I've been asking for more detail in Elder Robertson's letters.  He's such a good creative writer, so I have pleaded, begged, requested to have that as he writes to me each week about the work.

This week I have had lots of information about the people he's met recently and those he has grown to love and serve.  He's really enjoying being a missionary and serving.

One of my good friends has recently visited Malaysia and sent him a postcard from there.  He told me how this was so unexpected and how it made his day! He was so touched that someone would think of him whilst so many miles away.

He loved his birthday package and was having to buy a cake tin to bake his birthday cake from the Betty Crocker box we'd included. =)

He attended a baptism this weekend of a lady who they had 'bumped' into, who needed somewhere to stay and work.  They worked with a neigbouring ward who would be able to help her with the language barrier as she is unable to speak the local lingo ... yet. She was baptised in her native tongue.  How fantastic?!! =)

He also 'bumped' into someone from school, who is from Holland but visiting family in Switzerland.  He is hoping to meet up again today and share the Book of Mormon with him.   The world can be a small place at times.

So all is well with Elder 'R'.  He's happy and healthy and that makes me happy! =)