Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Best week yet!

On Monday,  I was in France with my hubby.  He had some business meetings to attend and I wandered around a shopping mall whilst he was busy taking care of work.  I was hoping I would still be able to access my email, but something wasn't working.  I felt like I was twitching the whole time, desperate to read how Elder Robertson's week had gone!! It was hard having to wait until the evening to read about how his week had been and how he was doing.

Elder Robertson has had another great week.  'Best one yet' he tells us.  He's been able to share the Book of Mormon with a couple of people and hoping to go and visit others.  He is currently working with some less active families and hoping to help them return so they can reap the rewards of living the gospel more fully.

He related a story about how he and his previous companion, Elder Nakken had been given free drinks after talking with the owner of a shop about their beliefs.  The man said he couldn't charge them because they were talking about God.  There are some really kind people out there.  These simple, small acts of kindness are appreciated by the missionaries and their parents at home.  I also know that any act of kindness is noted by our Heavenly Father.