Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Baptismal date set!

27 January

This week really has flown by!! Firstly, i do still need that Liahona/Ensign from the last General Conference. I could print off all the talks but I would be taking a lot of paper, ink and time from the computers... It would be great if you could send me that!!

That's good to hear that the boys are developing well. My week has been a good one, a busy one and also a successful one. It's been tiring, exhausting and a lot of hard work too. We are making great progress with with our investigator! He set his own baptismal date this Sunday, and he picked the 16th of February. I hope it works out as i feel like he is ready for it. If he doesn't feel ready though when the time comes around, we'll just press on and set another goal. We are having members join in with some of our classes for him and building up his realtionships with the brothers here in Luzern. I think its making a great difference for him, and his spiritual growth is coming along really well. We have been really inspired this week on what we can do to help him; our plans have been somewhat changed for us as we've listened to the promptings of the spirit and its really helped us to discern his needs recently. I never worry about him or other investigators on Sunday as the members do a great job on welcoming these visitors and making friendships.

The most spiritual moment of the week may have been district meeting. I have recieved some pretty good comments when I have had assignments to fulfill, or a little talk to give, but this time it was very spiritual and I was very impressed with the development of many of the missionaries that had been given assignments. Most of them I've known since the start of their missions when they arrived in the district. It was very interesting to see how much they've come along. There was a great spirit during that meeting. Besides that I have many good bonding moments with Elder Meyer that are very spiritual. He's also making great progress and taking everything on board quickly.

District Meeting and Interviews

The most disappointing part of my week must have been a lesson we had with a new convert.  We then discussed it with a member of the bishopric on Sunday who seemed to be sympathetic to the cause. It was good to see that it wasn't only us that had seen potential problems arising in the future and we have had a resolve to see how we can combine our efforts to help this man the most.

Training is fun and difficult at the same time. You realise that you have to try harder to be the best that you can be so he can also be the same way, which sometimes means going 110% of the way. It does feel like a push, but as I said, he's taking it well and it feels as though things are running smoothly again here in Luzern, the weeks are beginning to look busier again and miracles are also happening.

I don't think that I need anything right now, though I have come across some music called "sacred piano" by paul cardall, so i thought that maybe that would be something I'd like to try to learn.

Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic week, give my love to the boys.