Monday, 6 January 2014

Zone Conference:Fantastic!

18 November

One blessing of being so far behind on Elder Robertson's blog is that I get to have a valid reason to reread all of his emails.  Do I really need a valid reason? haha  So I am catching up as much as I can as I wait for his email to come through for today.

His email dated the 18 November is full of enthusiasm and he says that Zone Conference was fantastic.

He says: 'Last week we had both Zone Training Meeting and Zone Conference and in both meetings there was a very strong spirit that was unmistakably felt by everyone there. We're aiming to get 290 baptisms in total by the end of the year. It's been our goal all year and though we're about 170-ish short, we're all determined that its possible.'

He is surrounded by such valiant missionaries who are really dedicated to the work.  He often tells me of how obedient and hard working the missionaries he serves with and around are.  What a blessing for all of us missionary families and the local areas in which they serve.

He tells me he was working on cleaning his apartment.  I don't have photographic evidence so hopefully it wasn't too bad!! =)

He is eager to push the work forward in Luzern and knows there is a lot to achieve.

I received a few photos ... These were taken at 7:00 am after 'Morgen Sport'.

This monument is near their apartment.

After what seems months of begging for a pic .....

Beautifully lit Luzern ...

that's all folks ....