Monday, 27 January 2014


23 December 2013

Today's email included a surprise.  He hadn't mentioned a baptism but sent this lovely photo.  I have blurred out the face of the little boy for obvious reasons.

This little boy is the son of a part member family.  Elder Robertson and his comps are teaching his dad. It is wonderful to see young children make such good choices that will bring eternal happiness. They are so full of faith. He wanted his dad to baptise him and be involved but learned about the Priesthood and the authority given there.  I also find it amazing that his dad is supporting him in his choices.  The world is full of good people who would be baptised and live the gospel, if they only knew where to find it!!

This was a really special experience for Elder Robertson as it would have been for this young boy.  He said "It was a really good feeling though to be able to stand there and baptise him. You really realise the great responsibility a missionary has when you say those words." 

Curious to how Elder R got on saying the baptismal prayer in Swiss German, I asked him it.  He told me that is was done in German as is the case of all ordinances in the Church in Switzerland.

Elder Robertson's first baptism ...  
He also confessed to opening his Christmas presents early as it would be difficult to take them with him to Aarau Christmas.  I wish I had thought of putting pyjamas in his package.  Each year we have a family tradition, which is quite common in a lot of families, to have Christmas Eve pyjamas.  As he was going through his package, he recognised a pattern in his gifts and was expecting PJ's to be one of them.  Despite all of the lovely things he received he says ... "Thank you for all my gifts .... but I think you forgot something!" haha  =(  Next year! Next Year!

We arranged Skype for the 24th Dec so that his nan could see him and be a part of it.  

One of his investigators is sick, so we will be praying for him. Another was having to leave Switzerland.  He is finding it difficult to balance the work between the two areas of Luzern and Aarau.

Two weeks previous he shares that he was carolling in a Rest Home for the Elderly, but was missing out on helping new members move into the ward today.