Monday, 6 January 2014

'See the opportunity in adversity!'

25 November

Elder R was supposed to be training this transfer.  Unfortunately things changed and he is currently serving in a 'dritt', which means he's serving in a three.  His companions will be Elder Becker and Elder Paulson for probably this transfer period of 6 weeks.  He will be serving both his area of Luzern and the area of the other companionship, Aarau.  These areas are about an hour apart on public transport. Busy, busy, busy! He says "fortunately both areas have sisters too so the wards aren't completely without support!"  "This week was a little busier and yet quiter due to a couple of exchanges which were cool as I got to work outside of my area twice this week with some good friends I've made here." I'm trying to live by the motto "See the opportunity in adversity". It was something Ammon did as he was a missionary to the Lamanites."

This weekend we had met one of his missionary friends who had recently returned home from his mission.  It was so wonderful to see him.  He told us how much he and Elder Robertson got on.  He helped Elder R with the language when he first arrived and also told me nice things about him so he is one of my favourite people! haha

'Elder' Tom Sievers, he's a friend of Elder R's from the mission.

After sending this photo to Elder Robertson, he replied "That's funny that you met Tom Sievers! He was one of my best friends as I got into the mission field and having him around just made everything fun and worthwhile. Living in the same apartment as him for three months was hilarious and I was just as sad to see him move on as Elder Nakken.  (Elder Nakken was his trainer!)