Monday, 27 January 2014

Christmas Eve Skype

We were in Lincoln, England for Christmas and were skyping from Nan's house.  The time was set for 11am and 11am came and went, I was waiting patiently, who am I trying to kid?! haha  I was waiting .... anxiously!!

After his long walk to the members home, with whom they would be spending the day with, we finally got through around 11.30am.  I thought it was really thoughtful of him, saying that the whole time he was walking to the members home, he knew I would be worrying where he was.

My initial impression of him was how good he looked.  He really looked well.  Healthy and happy!! My next impression was how confident he had become.  I was so proud looking at him and so grateful to be able to see him as we spoke.  We had 40 mins and I lapped up every moment.  My intention was to share the time, but that thought never crossed my mind whilst we were actually on to it!! haha  I was impressed that he was really being obedient and watched the time towards the end to make sure we didn't go over!! I could have spoken to him ALL day!!

Elder Robertson skyping the loons! Look at the expressions in the small box! 

He shared some Swiss German with us, which sounds a little funny! We all had tons of questions for him and Thomas entertained as we tried to communicate around his dancing and face pulling.  Almost every day Thomas tells me he misses Jacob.  And we all do ... but wouldn't have him miss this experience for anything!

Laughing at Thomas ... who else?  This really makes me smile!!

We wanted to get a family photo and so took a couple of shots until we go one we could use.  This is our best Selfie to date ...  Although I really should have had mum join us ... where was she?

Family Portrait, Christmas 2013
Mum welled up seeing him and it was a lovely moment for her.  She is really proud of her grandson, as she is of all of them.  She has loved the missionaries so much since we first met and has mothered them as much as she could. Now she has her own grandson serving and it really fills her with so much happiness and pride!

It was so great to hear of his wonderful experiences, to see how he is growing spiritually and how happy he is! 

We are extremely grateful to the members in Aarau and Luzern who have planned to have them over in to their homes every day this week.  Such a blessing for them and a huge blessing for their family too.  For the following days after our Skype all I heard myself saying was 'Didn't he look great? ...!" 

Happy Christmas 2013 ...