Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentines Package sent and short email!

Last week I sent off the Valentine package for Elder Robertson.  I have sent it to the mission office and then he will probably receive it at zone conference next week.

Here's some of what went in ... 

'We flippin' love you', including love hearts and chocolate ...

I included a talk entitled 'The Measure of Our Hearts' given by Marvin J Ashton.  You can read the talk by clicking on here.

It was fun putting it together.  I see so many ideas on Pinterest and then can't limit myself to just one! 

Elder Robertson's email came in early for him this week.  He gave us names of three investigators to include in our prayers.  One of his investigators is doing really well and another 'has visited Church, we get to teach him and help him to understand the whole authority principle. He's definitely a long term project, but he's the most God- orientated man I've met in Luzern, really humble and believe it or not, more sociable than our Heber!!'

Today we're off to see a mountain, but its foggy. I didn't want to cancel it after all the planning and the numerous phone calls I've made to arrange it. Plus I'm hoping that we see a miracle and that the weather clears up a little when we get there... its been known to do that so I'm exercising my faith that it can happen again.

Our week is looking good with a balance of member and investigator appointments. We also have a zone get together this week as our training meeting is on Tuesday. So I guess I may be getting my package then... If not then the comfort is that we have zone conference the week after so I could recieve it then as well.

So although a short email in comparison to other weeks, I was so happy they were getting out together as a district.  I'm exercising my faith that I will get photos soon!!