Monday, 27 January 2014

Short email. but email none the less!!

30 Dec 2013

Today we were driving back to Germany from our time spent with family and friends.  We had emailed Elder Robertson on the Sunday before, like usual.  He was late in getting to email as the internet in Luzern was having difficulties.  Fortunately a member allowed them to email from their home.  He shared how he was thinking of me worrying the whole time.  That really touched me even though I was in the car without wifi ... so didn't even know it was late! 

He had noticed how smiling alone can be such a good approach with people and the difference it makes to their interest in what the missionaries are sharing.

He shared the following ... " I enjoyed the Christmas week and I didn't feel too homesick!"erent traditions of the several families."

He celebrated the season with different members and joined in in their family traditions.

Transfers are on the 9th Jan 2014.  I'm pretty sure Elder Robertson will get his own companion.  Should he stay in Luzern, he will be able to devote his time to the serving the members and non members there and allow those missionaries serving in Aarau to do the same.  He has enjoyed being in a dritt, but is looking forward to having his own companion! =)

My favourite line from his short email ... "I love you mom, have a good week and a happy new year!!"