Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Son of God.

20 January 14

Things are going well here, last week was a little tough on the appointment side of things, but I guess it happens every now and again that sometimes, things don't quite go the way you plan them to. 

We met with one of our investigators on Sunday to talk about how he can recognise the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We had a member there with us and it made all the difference. He is doing well, and is still progressing. Elder Meyer and myself are certain that he has felt the spirit before and that he just hasn't recognised it. The spirit was really strong in our lesson though and its been interesting to see how the week has turned out with the importance of learning to listen to the spirit. I also did a roleplay with Elder Meyer in preparation for the lesson. After he had practised his bit, I waited a couple of seconds before asking him "Can you feel that?" Although we were only practising, the spirit was really strong there and it bore testimony to us that what Elder Meyer had said was true. It was a cool experience for the both of us.

There's a very good section for you dad, in Ch 8 in PMG about setting goals: one of the most interesting points that I have found is that if have not achieved you goals, not to lower them, but to rather assess why they were not achieved, and then to set goals and plans once more to achieve them and re-dedicate yourself to the work. then when the goals are being achieved, to higher them and stretch yourself more. I also saw a quote whilst on the bus once (they have these little news screens and sometimes there's some interesting facts or quotes), but the quote said that a man who had achieved all of his goals, had set his goals too low.

Elder Meyer and myself are getting along well.  It's like being at home in the same room as Heber so I found that quite amusing!!  I just went to sleep with a smile on my face... 
I've really noticed how sometimes even the little details are things you give up on a mission for the benefit of all those you meet, little traits and characteristics that before hand seem to be things you cherished. You really do give up yourself, and in doing so, you do find yourself again, who you are and what it means to be a son of God. I continue learning things every day that I fell like I could not have learned otherwise! 

He received a parcel from his friend Daniel and his Christmas package from the Flynn family.  He is very grateful and feeling loved! He asked me to thank the Flynns for the coloured socks! =) haha