Monday, 6 January 2014

Christmas Package has landed ....

9 December

Emailing from cold Luzern today. His Christmas package has arrived, our friends, the Psotas delivered it for us.   He promises me that he  hasn't opened anything other than his suit.  =)  In his box I had tipped a 'tin' of Hereos chocolates and he'd gathered them altogether and delivered them to the sister missionaries in his area.  How thoughtful is that?  I was so impressed with him being kind to the sisters and realising that the sisters need for chocolate is in fact greater than his own!

He'd had a good week despite finding it hard balancing the work between the two areas.

We had a lovely surprise when we met a friend of his from the mission at church.  Elder Robertson has been teaching him.  He was visiting Frankfurt with friends and attended the International ward.  We were all very happy to see him and very surprised too! haha

Genuinely a lovely young man and a pleasure to meet!!