Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Switzerland's Christmas Devotional

16 December 2013

So this week had been a "little crazy" for Elder Robertson and he was finding it difficult to keep on top of everything.  It really wouldn't do if everything was easy would it?! haha

FINALLY he has received his jumpers.  3rd time lucky!! =) He said "I currently sit in front of the computer in my nice cozy sweater that I did receive.  It came at the Swiss Christmas Devotional with the Christmas packages, and there were obviously loads of them, and I opened it on the train on the way back to Aarau!"

He really enjoyed the Christmas Devotional and enjoyed being English with the other English missionaries.

Patriotic English Missionaries currently serving in Switzerland!  =)

I am informed that they enjoyed singing the national anthem together and he used the words 'game, set and match!' Maybe a little competitiveness going on ... called 'National Pride'

He was in Luzern and trying to fix up appointments between Luzern and Aarau.  I am so grateful for those families in Aarau who have invited him for Christmas.  He says he has appointments for the whole week there and one in Luzern too.

 "This morning, we got an invitation to go and see a theatre play with a member family on the 23rd, a two hour piece from 8pm to 10pm. We thought it would be best to check before if we could do that as the main celebrations wouldn't be competely startiing. We got permission, so we'll be having fun then!¨

It seems a little bit weird with the Christmas season starting. The dritt is working well. Its a little bit tough to see all of the investigators as they have their set times, and it could be that we are not there at that time, but in the other area. Its frustrating for us all. But we get along well, and despite the challenges, we are happy.

Elder Pugh, pre mission friend from England, and Elder Müller.

MTC companions

Front table, centre, back of head shot!  This is the 'dritt' on the front table.
Elder Paulsen, Elder Robertson and Elder Becker

Sister Miles called them 'sore losers!' hahaha

Christmas gifts ... front right