Monday, 27 January 2014

Photos of Elder Robertson and his golden!

13 January '14

This has been the first week of Elder Robertson and his golden, Elder Meyer as a companionship.

Elder Meyers and Elder Robertson

Trainers and goldens

I love this picture.  I love how happy they both are!! Elder Robertson says the first few days together have been good.  He says that his new companion is 'like himself in many ways and we enjoy the same hobbies. He is a born leader, so has even started leading lessons strait away.  He's excited and motivated. I'm excited to be working with him and I can see the potential he has to become a great missionary.

He continues ... 'Being in the mission home, or even within Germany, was odd.  Seeing a simple S-bahn made me feel a tad uncomfortable as it was like a previous dream after having not seen it for over half a year.  It was a good atmosphere and you could feel how prepared these new missionaries were.  I met an Elder that had come in from Provo at eh same time as myself and we got along well.  he is an American and so I hadn't seen him since those first two days.  He was also training and funnily enough, he is serving in Austria in Ar. Pölten, the branch Annika attends.'

'Two long train rides from Zürich to München and then back, within the space of just over 24 hours was tiring. '

His friend Wes was home in Switzerland and so Elder Robertson got to see him.

Elder Robertson and Wes

Meeting Wes was good.  He's preparing to go head out himself.   Who would have guessed that an EFY in 2009 wold have profited so much?

This next week is tough.  There's not too much planned and there's an investigator or two that can't meet with us, but things are running well and we have a system going and are getting things done and organised.  I've helped the sisters; after opening the area they haven't had too much going on.  They also had their only real investigator drop them.  I approached the member of the ward to ask when was the last time he'd invited the missionaries around.  He then replied with: "Ahh, you guys want to come around again" I then asked if he'd talk to his wife about it and invite the sisters so they an appointment next week with them.  I would have loved to go, but I figured we have enough o do and sisters are finding it difficult with the new area or at least finding investigators.  We also have a couple of appointments we still need to sort out, but otherwise I feel as though things are running smoothly.  We do have a lot of travelling to do in this mission and it takes a long time. so I feel that because of this, it impacts upon the work we are able to get done, especially here in Luzern: it takes almost 2 hours to get to district or zone meetings ... We need to hasten the trains so we can hasten the work! =D

Otherwise, everything is going well and the work is definitely moving forward now that we are back in the area!