Monday, 27 January 2014

Staying in Luzern & training!

6th January 2014

I can officially say, I will see Elder Robertson next year!! Yay!! I cannot believe how fast it is flying by.  This month he will have been serving for 9 months.  On one hand it is hard to think I haven't had him at home for all of that time, on the other it just seems to have flown by.

Today's P-day was spent in Aarau and he shared that he would be staying in Luzern and training.  He is so excited to be training and to be staying in the area.  He said he has built up a good relationship with the members there and feels excited to be working in the ward again full time.

Their investigator Chris, came to church again yesterday.  Elder Robertson really has built a good relationship with him.  He said they hugged each other and sat and talked for quite some time.  We are praying he recognises the spirit and is moved to be baptised soon.  I think there is a lifelong friendship forming here! =)

"We haven't had many appointments over the last few weeks with the Christmas season ... but miracles are in store!!"

I'm excited to see who he will be training and hear of their experiences together as they share the gopsel with the people in Luzern.  What a wonderful way to start the new year!!

Happy New Year! All the best for  2014!!