Monday, 6 January 2014

Photo from Brother Psota

2nd of December
Look what I woke up to on the morning of the 2 December!! =)
Elder Robertson in Aarau Chapel, Switzerland

Receiving photos from friends and members of the local wards are always so well received.  

So far Elder R is enjoying working in the 'dritt' and they are getting along great.  He is concerned about balancing the work in the two areas making sure that the investigators in both areas don't get neglected and being most effective with that. Of course as a mother I am always asking him if he's healthy.  The report today is he is 'tip top' as the Swiss say, although I think the English say it too! 

The cold is getting a little nippier in Switzerland but is glad he'd bought the coat he did.  Seems to be keeping him warm whilst still waiting for the delivery of his much needed jumpers!

He's remaining positive and working hard.

He signed off with "miracles are happening all around us. We need to stay worthy and faithful to have them and keep our eyes open to see them. There's definitely a lot happening here!! Prayer and fasting is definitely bringing blessings!"