Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Post bombarding week!

This week for FHE we wrote letters to Jacob.  I've been writing and emailing but felt it important that Elder Robertson receive 'real' letters throughout the week from the rest of the family instead of just an email rush on Mondays.

Dear Elder Robertson ....

Matty used his artistic talents and made a card with scripture references included.  Thomas made a picture to send - "I love you to pieces!"  and Me, Matt and Heber wrote a letters. I included a talk that Elder Holland had given with the missionaries in the Provo MTC in January '13.

Elder Holland 

Elder Holland is an Apostle of Jesus Christ.  Again we shouldn't have favourites ... but he's mine!  It is as you would expect such a great talk. You can read the whole talk here.  It is really motivating and uplifting.  I particularly like the focus on the individual missionary as he says:

“Missionaries are under obligation to come home having had at least one convert, you! There is no excuse in time or eternity for you not to have that one precious conversion.”

"So you’ve got to invest yourself in this for your sake, for the Church’s sake, and for heaven’s sake."

What a blessing for those missionaries to have such wise councel from Elder Holland in person.  I'm looking forward to hearing about the experiences Jacob will have as and when Apostles visit his mission.

Elder Bednar is also a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  He's also my favourite! haha He explains the 'Role of an Apostle' in this clip below.  I love how he teaches that apostles are missionaries and how we as members of the church need to be converted.  It is only eleven minutes long.  It is worth the investment of time!! Enjoy!!