Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Swiss Zone Conference photo!

This week has been great! From Skyping Sunday to eMail Monday!  Then in addition to that I got sent this gorgeous photo from one of our nieces, Ashleigh.  We shouldn't have 'favourites', but she was after sending me this smile!! haha You've heard me say it before, I LOVE each piece of information or photograph.

Don't they look GREAT!

Elder Robertson and Elder Pugh were friends in England.  Elder Pugh has been in the mission field a little longer than Elder Robertson has.  This was taken at a Zone Conference for the Alpine German-Speaking Missionaries currently serving in Switzerland. They both look full of the Spirit! What a blessing to get a tiny glimpse into a moment of his missionary life.  I love seeing him look so happy and it's nice for him to have the opportunity to meet friends who are serving in the same mission.  Please keep sharing!!