Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day Skype

Can I just say ... Skyping Elder Robertson was just WONDERFUL! We left church a little early so that we were back in time for our arranged time of 16.30.  We had about 10 mins to turn on the computer and get ready.  The clock on the computer clocked over to 16.32 ... That was it, I was in a panic ... 'it's not going to work!' 'What if we don't get to see him?'  Heber was trying to be the calming influence with words like "chill mom!" haha  I was far from chilled!!  At about 16.45 Elder Robertson called wondering where we were.  It took us about 15 minutes to sort out the problem.  Don't know what it was, but after deleting the skype contact and re-adding - technology gave me the best Mother's Day present - there he was smiling and happy! He looked GREAT!

Our first Skype ... 

He was skyping from his ward mission leaders home.  We are very grateful to him for allowing us to use his home. Jacob loved speaking to us and his brothers - especially Thomas.  He shared experiences he is having with the missionary work in the area and families he is meeting.  He has been invited to members homes about three times so far.  He and Elder Nakken are mostly cooking for themselves and I think Elder Nakken is mostly doing that! Time for dad to send him some recipes!! haha

He mentioned in an email to Thomas that his bed wasn't as comfortable at his. After asking about that he tells me that he sleeps with a mattress on the floor as the bed frame is very noisy even with the slightest movement.  It sounds like a ton of mice are under the bed! He thinks the bed frame will be replaced this week.  I hope so!!

He finds wearing a suit everyday a bit of a bind! haha

There are some American families in the branch.  The branch has an English Sunday School Class and he is enjoying attending that.  They went to a follow up appointment and the lady they were hoping to see had gone back to live in Cuba. They continued to knock in the area and the very last home they knocked on they found an American Family who would like to see them again.  Reinach Branch are having a ward picnic next week and they are hoping this family will be able to attend.

Part way through Skype froze, we thought we had lost him ....

Didn't I tell you he looked GOOD! ;-)
Thankfully we managed to get back up and running. I couldn't resist getting a screen shot of him whilst it had frozen though! haha

He would like some letters throughout the week so if you would like to write to him please send them to this address:

Elder Jacob Robertson
Kirche Jesu Christi
Hauptstra├če 17
4143 Dornach

I'll keep his address updated with transfers!! 

Love his badge!! =)
We all really enjoyed spending that hour with Jacob.  It is a huge blessing to be able to do so.  I did have most of the time with him so I think I'll have to share a little better at the next Skype.  We prayed together, dad offered the prayer, so much better than hearing mum squealing through the tears. It was very emotional when we said goodbye. How many days until the Christmas Skype? I am extremely proud of him ... he's going to be great!!