Monday, 27 May 2013

From 'Greenie' to 'Golden' ....

I am bursting today.  I have noticed a maturing in Elder Robertson's emails home already.

This was good to hear...

"I am doing very well thanks. I'm getting into the swing of things and  the numbers are picking up in some places."

Reply to 'how is the Swiss German coming along?'

Swiss German is still hard. Most of the people revert to HOCHDEUTSCH or high-german but im trying to brush up on my grammar during language study because thats my greater downfall right now. I already have the missionary purpose, 3 Nephi scripture and Joseph Smith Words from the first vision all memorised in German.

How are your investigators?

Our Italian investigator came with us to Stake Conference yesterday AND he enjoyed it!! 

How was your split with Elder McKee?

My split with Elder Mckee went very well. It was good to spend a day with him and teach some actual investigators for once.

I stand corrected also.  I sent him a 'Greenie Package' to the mission office and he's just received it.

Greenie ...
You can read about that here. After thanking me for it, he corrected me and told me the new missionaries are now referred to as 'Goldens' rather than 'Greenies".  I did know this and do prefer this term, but his favourite colour is green. There's nothing wrong with going with tradition is there? haha

To redeem myself I've wrapped his English goodies in 'golden' paper to send next week.  Can't have him thinking I'm not with the 'mission lingo!'

New missionaries now called 'Golden's'