Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A call for birthday cards ...

Yesterdays email was soooo brief, I almost missed it!  Who had longer emails than me from him yesterday? I wonder who's going to own up to that? haha

I'd sent Jacob a photo in my email to him of his youngest brother Thomas, of his broken glasses.  Some of you will have seen it already.  He loved it.

Apart from that he didn't tell me much.  Apologised for lack of photos, ie NONE and said I should have some next week ... it seems too long to wait!!

On the 26th July, Jacob will celebrate his 19th birthday.  This will be his first birthday on his mission.  I would like to ask you who know him to send him a birthday card or a birthday postcard. I think it would be so special for him to receive a flood of birthday mail.  A few of our/his friends have already jumped in on the idea.  Thank you!!

It only has to be simple but you can be as fun or creative as wish.  Here are some ideas I've come across ...

first 'missionary birthday' card

doesn't have to be love hearts ... =)

Very smart! 

There are loads of ideas out there.  If you make a card yourself or find a humorous one that you would like to share with me, either privately or to use on the blog, I would love that! 

If you don't have the address of Elder Robertson's apartment send me a comment on here, FB or email me and I will get that to you.  With exception to parcels, it's best not to flood the mission office with lots of birthday mail, they are so busy already with their work and the increased missionary numbers. 

Thank you all in advance! =)