Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Birthday dinner with a Catholic Priest

Serving in: Reinach Branch
Companion: Elder McColgan

Hello family and friends,

Elder Robertson has said goodbye to Elder Nakken his trainer.  His new companion is Elder McColgan. He's English and left for his mission from Wales.  They have been together for just less than a week now.

On the 26 July, Elder Robertson had his 19th birthday. In my email I asked Elder Robertson how his first birthday as a missionary went.  This is his reply: 'Nothing special happened on my birthday really. I did get taken to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet by this Catholic Priest investigator in Basel. He gave me a crystal cube with Bountiful Temple etched inside.'

Gift of an etched Bountiful Temple 

Bountiful Temple gift

Well in my eyes, that IS something special.  Firstly to have a Catholic Priest as an investigator and secondly to have him take you out for dinner.  I can't help but wonder who gave this to the priest in the first place! =)

This reminded me of a wonderful Mormon Message on Why Mormons Build Temples.  Krister Stendahl takes part, he's a Church of Sweden bishop and shares his feelings towards the work in the temple.  He obviously feels the importance of such a sacred work.

It's a great message! Take a look.