Friday, 28 June 2013

Hand written letter

I love receiving emails from Elder Robertson, but yesterday we received a letter through the post.  It was great!! Our first one. There's something different about reading a letter and absorbing the words on the page.

First hand written letter ... that he'd posted himself! =)

We did receive a letter after a few days of him entering the mission field.  That was sent along with a letter from the mission president, President Miles.  This however, he chose to write and post himself! =)

He shares missionary experiences, busy P-Days and how he loves getting back to the 'work'.  It was so nice to hear how much he thinks of Elder Nakken, describing him as a "fantastic companion" and hopes to be with him all the way through to September when Elder Nakken will return home after serving for two years.

Now to just wait for Monday's email .... =)