Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A visit to Interlaken and an investigator at church

Serving in: Reinach Branch
Companion: Elder Nakken

I had resigned myself to not hearing from Elder Robertson yesterday.  I'd been hanging on my inbox since I had seen daylight and waited patiently, ok not so patiently for his email to arrive.  We got to 16.30 and finally Elder Robertson emailed.

While I had been anxiously waiting he had been visiting an area of Switzerland called Interlaken.  He said it is 'spectacular' and we need to visit the area together, post mission.  He is sending some photos through the post, so as soon as I get them, I will update the blog.  With the powers of the internet I had to search to see just how nice this Interlaken place is .... and even just from google it looks absolutely beautiful.

How gorgeous is that?

Let's see how his photographs compare!

He also had been busy helping some people in the area move house the weekend before.  A husband, wife and brand new baby girl.  The husband attended church last Sunday and said he would like to come more often and bring his family with him.  I'll bet there was no thought for home that Sunday! =)

He's doing great!

Thanks for reading and keeping up to date with his mission.  You can leave comments too, I'd love to hear from you!! =)