Monday, 22 July 2013

What a difference an ice-cream can make!

This is a continuation of the email dated 8 July 2013 ...

Elder Robertson writes: 'The experience only got better; after doing all we could, (read about that experience here) we decided to go tracting on a street in Basel before our train arrived. We had barely walked along the first street to move to a quieter, less populated area where we could speak with people when a man walked across the street and approached us. Speaking English, he offered myself and Elder Nakken an Ovalmatine ice-cream in the knowledge that we worked all day on the streets, and walked off before we could speak any more with him. Elder Nakken's question of "Are you a member?" was made only more memorable as the man clearly stated "No." and disappeared amongst the crowd. This too taught me that the light of Christ is in everyone, and that although some blessings that come after all we have done aren't immediately visible, some are!!

I love this experience for lots of reasons.  Firstly, I love the fact someone was moved on to do a kind deed for my son and his companion.  I've been blessed with great friends who have done lovely acts of service for Jacob whilst he was in the MTC.  You can read about the Cookie Day Delivery and  package from friends by clicking on those links.  These acts of kindness were a huge blessing to me as well as Jacob.

This simple act of service was from someone who doesn't go to the church we go to, he was a stranger on the street, who just followed a prompting to do a good deed that day.  I would love to know who he is to thank him.  Secondly, what I love about this 'ice-cream moment' is that this man did this 'just because'.  Just because he wanted to do something nice for someone else.  He wasn't looking for recognition or reward as 'he disappeared amongst the crowd'.

So today I say ... do something nice for someone, pay it forward!