Monday, 22 July 2013

A knock on Federa's childhood door ...

Here's a few 'catch up' posts to make up for missing a few weeks.

We've been in England - our first holiday without Jacob.  It was really quite strange and we missed him loads! As we drove back into Germany yesterday, it felt good being closer to him! Even though we've been on the road and busy with activities and visiting family and friends, we've still enjoyed our Email Mondays.

Keeping him posted on Andy Murray's huge Wimbledon achievement on winning the male singles, Elder Robertson responded by telling me that they had knocked on the childhood door of Roger Federa.

He also shared the following experience: "... firstly we found a woman from Ecuador who had currently been living in Spain. Her story is as follows: she came to Switzerland the previous day and slept on the street overnight. She had no money and came ill-informed to Basel expecting to find somewhere to stay and work, despite knowing neither English nor German. She had an address and a name but the two didn't match as we tried to help her find this place. Thanks to Elder Nakkens history in the Basel ward we were able to work with a memeber to try and figure out how we could help her. There wasn't much we could do for her. We met up with this member in Basel and this woman the same evening to better assess the situation. After calling the bishop of the Basel ward, there was yet again no immediate solution. 

As it turns out, this woman recognised us as we met her by Dornach Bahnhof. She had met with the missionaries in Spain and had a baptismal date for the 14th August. She prayed and resolved to go out and try some alternative plan to find somewhere to stay. This experience increased my testimony of prayer and member-missionary work."

It was so good to hear that he and Elder Nakken have been the Lord's hands in helping this woman.  Just the smallest acts of service make a huge difference in the lives of those around us.
(Email dated 8 July 2013)