Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Companionship ties

Hello family and friends, thankfully I received some photos from Elder Robertson yesterday.

Companionship ties

This photo put the BIGGEST smile on my face.  That was even before I realised that they had 'companionship ties' on.  haha  It's a tradition in his mission to purchase 'companionship ties' on transfer days.  I'm still laughing!! 

It's just a shame that they can't come over for a dinner appointment. =) Saying that, the members in the Reinach Branch have been very good in filling up their dinner appointments.  How grateful I am to them for taking such good care of both Elder Robertson and Nakken this past week. Hopefully they will also be eagerly engaged in the work and work along side these two fine Elders in bringing souls unto Christ.  It will be wonderful to go and visit them after Jacob's mission to thank them.  That's one of the blessings of living close enough to the mission!

Here is a photo of the four missionaries currently living in their apartment.  Not in companionship ties, I might add!!

.... We are as the Army of Helaman ....

This looks like some official building ... no information unfortunately.

Beautiful Switzerland!