Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No flooding in his area - REINACH!!

Good Morning family and friends, I'll get the news out of the way first today ...
  • Thankfully the area of Switzerland where Elder Robertson is currently serving hasn't been affected by the flooding that has occurred in some parts of Europe this past week! 

  • It's transfer week in the Alpine GS Mission this week and Elder Robertson and Nakken continue to be companions serving in the Reinach Branch.

Yesterday's email was full of treasures and maturity.  I am watching Elder Robertson's growth through the emails he sends home to myself, his dad and his brothers.  I love how when he writes to Heber and Matty how he praises them and encourages them to be unified with each other.  I know he will be missing them and Thomas.  Whilst Heber and I were out driving last night, we discussed the emails we'd received.  It reduced me to tears .... I LOVE my missionary son and our boys!!

Thomas tells me everyday how much he misses Jacob and I love how he prays for him and his companion, as well as his cousin Elder Caleb Robertson and his companion at EVERY opportunity. 

Here's a line from his email to his dad .."Elder Nakken & myself are well.  The work is going well and we are definitely making progress."  

I love how in his emails to both myself and his dad that he praises us and gives us counsel in our new callings we received on Sunday. He also encourages me to read 'Preach My Gospel', chapter 4 on Prayer! I've been wondering what book I should read next and I guess this is it! =)  I'm looking forward to sharing spiritual treasures with him as we both study this book.

Jacob forgot to bring his SD card to send photos yesterday ... so SORRY!! I am hoping for a harvest crop next week!!