Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Leaving for the MTC

My friend "J", who incidentally was the brains behind me starting a missionary blog for Jacob, asked me about the MTC yesterday - I then realised I hadn't blogged about dropping Jacob at the airport. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

Well Jacob was set apart on Wednesday 17 April as a full-time missionary.  Our Stake President was out of the country so he delegated this responsibility to one of his councillors, President Horst Grünewälder.  What a lovely, gentle, humble Priesthood holder.  Jacob was well and truly blessed and his setting apart was really wonderful!  He was set apart in German.  Jacob understood everything, I, on the other hand, was grateful for his friend Lukas for translating! =)

After finishing packing his stuff, there was only time to sleep before the early wake up in the morning.  Jacob decided Thomas (6) was going to be his missionary companion for the evening and bunked in his room! Thomas felt very special.

The way to the airport seemed so long ... I kept looking back at him trying to soak in every last moment.

Trip to the airport.

Thomas asked ... "Jacob, can you eat Pringles on your mission?"  I love the innocent questions that boy thinks up!! That gave us a little chuckle.

Jacob was flying out to the Preston MTC from Frankfurt Airport and was being collected at Manchester Airport.  Jacob was very relaxed.

Smiling, happy and ready!!

He was calm and confident. I was very proud of him. Saying goodbye to him was extremely heart wrenching.  I didn't want that last hug to end.  As I looked into his eyes, mine flooded with tears and his glistening, two years seemed tooooooo long before I would see him again.  This is the bittersweet.  Working everything up to this moment and knowing you would have them be no-where else at this time in their lives, but having to let them go.  

I can only assume he has arrived OK - as it's been like a drought! No communication at all! The MTC used to send out photographs but that practice was talking up too much time ....

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