Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cookie Delivery Day

Today has been a 'Cookie Delivery Day' for Jacob.  A friend of ours from England (actually we met whilst she was serving as a full-time missionary ....), took a plate of chocolate cookies up to the MTC for Elder Robertson.  Here's a pic ... I know they will have been devoured by now ... in fact as soon as permission was granted to eat they would have disappeared!! =) Hopefully, I'm sure, he would have remembered to share at least one.

Don't  they look delicious!! After thanking her for being so kind to Jacob her reply was:-

"These kids are amazing, doing what they do.  They deserve every cookie they can get their hands on!"

She gave me a giggle amongst the tears, but how true is that?  How truly amazing are these young men and women who selflessly serve the Lord and others.  A simple gesture of a cookie to a boy is a warm loving hug to a mother!! Thank you once again Carol!