Friday, 2 May 2014

Service Projects

I was asked in Church on Sunday, 'Are you Elder Robertson's mum?' I think she was surprised at how excited I was to meet her, poor girl!! She has been very kind in feeding the missionaries and providing them with service projects.
A member in Basel who introduced herself on Sunday.

It's always good to meet friends they make whilst serving as it makes you feel close to your missionary!

Email Monday came and I am so impressed with Elder Robertson, despite his short emails home, lack of information and photos and that he doesn't answer any questions, he has never missed one Monday's email.  It's always good to hear from him.

This week, he talks a bit about the service opportunities and projects in the area.  

We've had a good week this week. We've had a lot of service projects going on here in Basel. I'm still aching from one of them as we played sport in the morning then helped move a load of furniture for a member moving house and then helped an investigator move his self made shed as best as possible to the other side of the garden. I was finished after that. I still am, but it was fun being able to lend our services.  We had a pretty cool experience last week as we were on a really packed train, due to delays, and then decided to give up our four seats and offer them to elderly women standing around. It was only a small act of service but as one woman got out she slipped Elder Martin 50 francs for the favour (probably to split between us all) but it was interesting to see such a large worldly blessing for such a simple act of service that used to be expected only a few years back. 

Elder Dyches is visiting the whole mission this week. We'll be seeing him on Wednesday. All the missionaries in Switzerland will be coming together in Z├╝rich for the occasion. It will be great to be able to see everyone again and be spiritually uplifted at the same time. I can't wait to see what topics will be spoken about and what effects it may have considering the upcoming changes within the mission. There's been many changes recently in District and Zone boundaries.

Time has become quite the pressing matter in missionary work, and is especially in these the "last days". Knowing that our time is limited and that the time will come as expressed in the scriptures when the harvest will be over and there will be no more harvest, it is an interesting consideration of how the time we have as a missionary can be used and what would be more effective.  

I do struggle at times as I am constantly finding myself in appointments with only Spanish speaking people and through a translator and the presence of all four of us, I struggle to be an effective tool in the hands of the Lord. I'm recognizing the differences a certain situation can make in the effectivity of the spirit. I'm trying to now get a new feeling of how I fit into these new situations and can really bring the spirit into these circumstances, knowing that there is not just one way in which the spirit works.

I got a photo from another missionary mum of the four Basel missionaries together at a dinner appointment this week ...

Elder Robertson. Carr. Martin and .... ooops!! Need to learn the fourth missionary's name!