Monday, 5 May 2014

Early morning email!!

Last week the mission was blessed with a mission tour from Elder & Sister Dyches.  I was so happy to hear Elder Robertson's excitement of the forthcoming conference in last weeks email.

Yesterday at church, Elder Dyches and I made eye contact as he sat down on the stand.  He went to stand up and looked at the clock, there was only 5 minutes to go before the meeting started.  He decided to jump up to come and see me anyhow.  I leapt out of my seat and met him half way: which ended up right at the front by the pulpit where he threw open his arms and gave me a hug by proxy from Elder Robertson.  I was so grateful   who am I kidding, I was gratefully ecstatic!! haha

As missionary mums, (and I might add, some dads) we become scavengers of information and anyone, anytime and anything who may have seen, heard or touched the mission or missionary ... we want to collect it all!! Elder Dyches gave a lovely report on how he (Elder Robertson) was doing and I was really touched that he would take the time to report back, especially with so few minutes before the meeting started!!  What amazing leaders we have to to consecrate so much to serve us and our missionaries.

Photo thanks to Sister Miles!!! .... It's like playing 'Where's Wally'!!

This week he emailed me before I got chance to send mine.  I usually do Sunday evening but thought I'd have time to do it Monday morning .... ooopps!!

I've managed to have a little time emailing back and forth this morning.  It's meant I have most of my questions answered, but there's no sniff of a photo!!

His main concern with the area is finding people to teach.  I've suggested he try and get some ward activities up and running.  It's a good place for us to bring our friends and family, to unify as members and where the missionaries can meet our friends and should they be interested in hearing about the gospel, it can go on from there.  He is hoping to reconnect with a few people in the area that he has met recently.

He loves serving with Elder Martin!