Wednesday, 8 October 2014

General Conf Weekend and Baptism date set.

Heilbronn, Germany is still home to Elder Robertson and he is loving his time there.

He's had some great experiences serving in Germany.

I received emails with photos included on Sunday of him from a member in the ward there in Heilbronn.  He is looking very happy and confident.  This really makes me happy.

Preparing Maultasche. 

Looking pleased with the results!
Monday is still my favourite day so I can hear from him via email.  I love to 'hear' how he is, the challenges he faces and how he deals with that and how much growth he makes from week to week.  Here's a snippet from this weeks email.

 I cannot believe how fast the time is escaping us!!

Conference weekend has been great. We've all had to stay in the one apartment as a district for travel convieniences this weekend and so its been very spiritual and enjoyable. My favourite parts cannot all be include in this email... I must have taken 20+ pages of notes in a 24 hour period, either for personal worth or useful doctrines. My favourite topics that were touched upon were the overlapping themes of gaining a personal testimony and relationship with God, and the fact that no personal beliefs or opinions can affect the truth. It is the greatest truth that truth stands alone and self supported in existence, unalterable by any being, that even God has his perfect sphere of following these unanimous truths that govern us all, and knows that we must do the same to enjoy that what he now enjoys.

With the  Zanders we made what's called "Maultaschen", a Schw√§bisch delicacy... though a simple staple meal here in south Germany. We also grilled sausages on a grill last night on the apartment balcony after General Conference and I was the grill master and took one for the team. So I have been cooking some stuff and getting somewhat confident in the kitchen. I still make mom's bolognase every now and again, but have also got a little creative with changing it slightly which also tastes very good. I am a lot more open to many more foods and certain foods I'll no longer avoid out of personal choice. I even eat eggs and mushrooms of my own choice now... sometimes.
I'm doing very well health wise. I haven't had any problems since my shoulder, and I feel that I had done that by sleeping funny. I'm keeping myself safe and well fed and I'm retaining a weight of about 75kg which is notably 5kg more than what I left as. I'm trying to get into a better training program for my morning sport in preparation for the last 6 months which helps missonaries get back in shape before they go home. We'll see how that goes.

We are excited to have set this baptismal date. It's been a long time since this man was found and taught, trying to fit everything in and helping this man get ready for setting a baptismal date. Now is the tense part though, as you may well know; we have to make sure that everything he is doing is in line with the guidelines set by Christ through the bretheren as explained in Preach My Gospel and D&C 20:37, and its now time to move onto the commandments. So, its crack down time but we're really excited for the progress that has taken place. It has to be indebted to the Lord though and His influence has been evident in our work with J. Everything has fallen into place and this last appointment was more or less what we were banking on. We were aiming for the result that we had at the end of the lesson and it came from J himself. I really do feel as though the spirit is key to this work and if we feel like one way of doing things is how it is supposed to be done, than we have forgotten the principle of unique identity in the creation.
Besides that, the work is going well. There's still plenty of things to do and plenty of areas to work on to get the ball rolling faster. We have been working with a few new people and there is a definite change of heart in many of our less-actives with whom we are working. For example, I was meeting with Br. E on exchange with Elder G to accompany me. The Spirit was there and we shared Alma 32:27 with him which completely touhed his situation and opened his heart to pondering and he even thanked us for the visit after I had thanked him for letting us come visit with him.  

I am so happy that Tom will be getting baptised soon and I'm positive that we were all sent to be in this family because exactly that would be provided for us to make the correct choices, should we wish to, to become the people God intends us to become, even like Him. It is going to be a great opportunity to get people to come to church and learn more about our beliefs, especially priesthood power, revelation, the restoration.  

I'm sure the other boys have been doing well and that they are keeping up the good work. Heber seems to be doing great with Pien.  
You're all brilliant, and I pray that this week you can all keep who you are in your rememberence, learn of our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ, and thereby learn more of our relationship with them as to who we really are and our purpose here on Earth.