Monday, 24 March 2014

Loving Luzern and catching up ....

So sorry, the blog has been neglected the last few weeks.   I'm just going to throw the highlights into one post to catch up.

Hold on .... it's coming!

17 Feb 14

He was very happy to be staying in Luzern.  He loves the area and the people.  The weather is nice enough he can leave the apartment in just a jumper.

He'd had a full week, " ...  we had zone conference all day on Tuesday, a temple trip on Thursday and a Finding Day on Saturday, in which helped us find 15 new contacts for our area that we can hopefully start teaching this week.  One of them actually came to church yesterday, got a book of mormon and we will begin to help him to know more about the church and our message during our appointments on Tues. and Thurs. this week. We also have many member appointments and have a lot to do otherwise this week. Tuesday especially seems jam packed which I love!!

He and Elder Meyer are really getting on well.  I love to hear how unified they are.  'We had a very spiritual appointment with him [C] on Saturday after the finding day. Elder Meyer turned to me after the lesson and thanked me for my testimony and mentioned how he really felt the spirit, which for me was humourous as I had felt the same about his testimony. Our method of teaching is improving greatly and there is increasing unity between us. I'm very pleased about all this, especially as there's been a little bit of a theme going on about pefection being our goal, but not an immediate expectation, and instead to concentrate on the continuous refinement process of improvement. 

24 Feb 14
He starts off with telling us about his good week: 'My week has been a good one; Elder Meyer and myself are doing the best we can to improvise and get as much done as possible. It's been tough. It feels a little counter-effective having certain things happen that take us away from the missionary work in our area; long travel times, and a choir practise before the Saturday session of Stake Conference .... it makes it seem a lot more difficult to hasten the work with such a restrain on the short time period we have already. Nevertheless we had a good number of appointments and a lot of member contact which I'm chuffed about. The area is definitely improving ...'.

Unfortunately we haven't met 'C' recently. He was ill this week and with the Saturday session of Stake Conference, an appointment wasn't possible. We do however have two arranged for this week and this week seems to be like a  good jump back into the usual flow of things, even as if we are just continuing onwards from where we left off a week previously without the oddities of life getting involved with this important work. Hopefully we'll be having many appointments and great spiritual nourishment for not only ourselves but those we teach too. 

I'm quite pleased for Heber and his ordination to the office of Elder. He does seem to be making fantastic progress and development spiritually.  

Letters came from Thomas and Matty this week.  Although he'd still like to hear more from Heber. '...he (Heber) did write to me this week and Matty sent me a considerably longer and somewhat more detailed e-mail than usual. They are all growing into fine young men indeed!!    

That's great that both Ammon and Ashley are both heading in that direction and are making great progress!!  

I've learnt how important my personal studies are so I can find the answers, know what I believe, and teach the truth with the convincing evidence from above to let these people feel the spirit and the honesty and undeniable truth contained within The Church. This truly is His Church and this is His gospel. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer, the very Son and only Begotten of God that came to earth to relieve us from the burdens we are to carry in this world. To know that alone is so great a blessing, to truly begin to understand His Atonement.